Visit Alicia Sotomayor's Gallery in San Juan

Every so often you come across an artist that is truly unique. Sometimes it may take the public a while to see the value behind the art though, this is not always the case. For Alicia Sotomayor, art was in her blood. Born in Mayaguez in 1959, Sotomayor started painting at the tender age of nine. This she was able to do under the steady guidance of her private art teacher Rosita Lopez. This private tuition likely proved to be the kick-start that her artistic education needed and by the time she was eighteen, she was accepted into the Instituto de Cultura’s School of Art in Old San Juan. Here she trained under a number of well-known artists who continued to refine her talent. By the time she had finished at the Institute, she had a Bachelor of Arts in Plastic Arts but she was still a long way away from producing the art found in her Puerto Rico Art Gallery.

Shortly after obtaining her degree, Alicia moved to San Francisco, California in the United States. It was here that she started experimenting with watercolors – moving away from the oil paints that she had made use of up until then. She managed to teach herself her distinctive technique without any formal training and over time she started to gain recognition as an excellent watercolor artist. By 1996, Sotomayor was ready to return to her native country. Her professional career was kick started with a solo exhibit held in Aguadilla the following year. Not long afterwards, she became a voluntary watercolor teacher and she soon had her first solo studio. Since then Alicia Sotomayor has enjoyed massive success as a Puerto Rican artist. She has had a number of articles published in various magazines while her artworks have been bought by a number of galleries and private collectors. She still continues to help other artists and at the same time works hard at raising her two children. Her artwork is generally recognized by the warm and vivid colors that she uses and it is seen as being realistic and contemporary. Alicia has also since become a recognized photographer who supports the tourism industry in her homeland.

Today you may come across a few of Alicia's paintings at galleries that are as far away as South Africa and the United States. However, the best place to see her work is probably at her private art gallery which is not far from the Ramey military base in Aguadilla. Should you wish to visit her gallery, you will need to remember that visits are made by appointment only. Likely you will find that Alicia Sotomayor is more than happy to show you around if you contact her in advance.


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