Punta Santiago Beach - Where Mountain Meets Sea

Punta Santiago is an amazing stretch of beach located near Humacao. It is here, where the mountains meet the sea on an amazing stretch of coastline, that there are many natural wonders to be found. If you are traveling to Puerto Rico, Punta Santiago is a beach well worth visiting – even if just to spend time enjoying the surroundings and wildlife, including the fascinating Puerto Rican coqui.

At Punta Santiago, you'll find an outcrop of beach which extends into the beautiful blue ocean in a most tantalizing way. Here you can lay your beach towel down on sand that is both coral white and volcanic black in places while the emerald green waters lap at your feet and the soft sound of turf soothes away the stresses of every day life. If you have had enough of this peaceful paradise, you can take your sun-soaked body off to any of the remote coves and do a little exploring.

One of the features of this beach is the small little islet just off the tip of Santiago Bay. Though the Rhesus monkeys who inhabit the island are not generally that welcoming should you actually attempt to step foot on the islet, you may choose to take a boat ride around it and watch their curious antics from a safe distance.

During the days you'll be able to meander amongst the stalls and kiosks, searching out little treasures to return home with. At mealtimes you'll be treated to some truly scrumptious local cuisine which are sold at various restaurants through the area. Accommodation to suit all tastes is available, so don’t miss out on a visit to this wonderful shoreline.


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PuertoRico.com Team - 2011-10-03 07:27:09

Thank you for the information Lizzie, and for your interest in PuertoRico.com. Best wishes, PuertoRico.com Team

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Lizzie - 2011-10-01 20:12:11

I was raised there. Humacao is the town and Punta Santiago is like a small county divided in a kind of suburb calle Verde Mar and the actual Playa. I do not suggest camping unless you do it in the "Balneario". And if you feel more like staying in you can rent something like a villa right next to the "balneario" Centro Vacacional Punta Santiago. Puerto Rico is not that big so if you want to travel to Isla de Vieques or Culebra (gorgeous) you can stay here and travel by car to the city of Fajardo. We have a lot of cuisine to choose in La Playa, but also in the nearby town of Naguabo. We are a 10 minute drive away from the actual city where you can find more "American name stores" for your daily nessesities (Wal-mart, Sam's, Marshalls, JC Penney, Burger King, Mcdonalds, Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut... etc) So for those of you that wanted to know the basics there they are. Hope it hels. Dont forget to go buy some Arepas from Senia, so you can take them home and fry them. Buenas Vacaciones!

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Amanda - 2011-08-03 15:30:25

Does anyone know anything about the camping here? We are bring our tent on a tour of puerto rico in november and the camping at arroyo doesnt look great. Thinking maybe here...

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