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Fun for All at the Maricao Coffee Festival

Coffee is a part of billions of peoples’ every day lives. Some blends are cheap and mixed with chicory – other blends are rich and aromatic. Puerto Rico happens to be one of the coffee growing capitals of the world. Some of the world’s finest coffee is found here, making the Maricao Coffee Festival that much more noteworthy.

The Maricao Coffee Festival in Puerto Rico is one of the country’s long-held and enjoyable traditions. Every year the people of the island celebrate the end of their annual harvest with a massive festival. The festivities include vibrant parades, arts and crafts stalls, music and much more. More than this, however, it includes coffee! Some of the world’s best coffee is found right here in Maricao and the Maricao Coffee Festival is one of the best times to go hunting for it.

Despite the fact that most people tend to think of Brazil or Columbia when they think of the world’s best coffee, Puerto Rico has been producing excellent quality coffee since the first plantations were established here in the early 18th century. The island is perfect for growing the coffee plant, with its well-drained and low acidity soil, warm temperatures and good rainfall. Moreover the beans generally have a much sweeter taste since they are grown at a lower altitude than many other coffee plantations found in the world. US president Franklin Roosevelt obviously felt it was worthy of ‘grandness’ as he made it a part of every breakfast at the White House!

When one considers the background of Maricao’s coffee, it is easy to understand why it is such a great commodity. The little town of Maricao is also a great place to visit. Nestled between two mountain ranges, it is wonderfully romantic and beckons a visit. There are also a number of great attractions both in and around the town worth exploring. This means that you’ll always find something entertaining to do during your stay here. So whether you’re visiting in mid-February for the Maricao Coffee Festival in Puerto Rico or just visiting the town, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy your visit!


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Kathy - 2009-12-29 03:49:24

I believe the coffee festival is the weekend before your trip unfortunately. It is difficult to find a listing of the exact dates anywhere, but usually it is the seconde weekend of February, which would be the 12th - 14th.

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Carole Eastaugh - 2009-12-26 04:10:51

We will be 4 adutls there Feb 15 to 21. Is that the Coffee Festival time? We would like to include that event and a visit to maricao. Can I get more infor somewhere? We will be staying near Ponce. Thank you Carole

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