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Magna Vista Resort Venture in Ponce

The city of Ponce in Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination with many places of interest for visitors to explore. Rich in character and history, Ponce is also known as the Pearl of the South and the gateway to Porta Caribe. To accommodate the increase in tourist numbers, this thriving city is focusing on a number of current projects and has many future developments in the pipeline. One of the upcoming projects in Ponce is the Magna Vista Resort, which developers anticipate will be open for business in 2009.

Situated in a prime area of Ponce that offers magnificent views of Historic Ponce and the Caribbean Sea, the former Intercontinental Hotel will undergo a multi-million dollar makeover, emerging as the state-of-the-art Magna Vista Resort. The planned development will be undertaken in three separate stages.

Phase one of the Magna Vista Resort project will include the complete refurbishment of 120-guest rooms, as well as the building of a swimming pool, two restaurants and tennis courts. The second phase of the development will include the building of an 80-room condo-hotel and a 7,000 square-foot casino. Additionally, phase two will feature a luxurious health spa and a 15,200 square-foot convention center. Phase three will focus primarily on the construction of 80 tourist villas.

Recognizing the benefit of increased tourist numbers and in co-operation with the developers, the municipal authorities of Ponce are planning the construction of a new road for easy access to the site of the new Magna Vista Resort. In addition to the new access road, more than $1 million is to be invested by the authorities in renovating and upgrading the area around the resort..

The former Intercontinental Hotel, which was inaugurated in February 1960 as the Ponce Hotel, in its hey-day hosted important public figures and celebrities from the world of sports, music and art, as well as heads of state. For reasons which are not clear, the hotel closed its doors in 1975. The abandoned hotel was used by the government of Puerto Rico as temporary shelter for people who lost their homes in the 1985 Mameyes mudslide disaster. Upon the successful relocation of the displaced citizens, the hotel was sold to the current owner who plans to transform the hotel into the modern Magna Vista Resort, which promises to be far grander than its predecessor.

The development of the Magna Vista Resort, as well as other projects such as the Ponce Aquarium, the Port of the Americas and the extension of the Julio Monangas Family Park, will provide additional reasons for tourists to visit the popular Puerto Rican city of Ponce.


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Team - 2011-03-21 07:15:16

Thank you for visiting and posting your comments. We appreciate the input and opinions of our users.

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Edgardo Rivera - 2011-03-20 04:20:58

It´s year 2011 so far and the Vista Magna Resort ( the correct name) is not even started. To start the former Intercontinental Hotel should be remodeled as it´s glamour days back in the 60´s (as it happened to La Concha Hotel in Condado, San Juan), second, the Resort must include a source of entertainment and strong housing demography as well in order to be cost efficient business wise, third, a grand entrance should be build trough new PR # 9 Expressway, right back of the property and just 7 minutes(drive time) from Mercedita´s Airport.

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SOPHIA - 2011-01-02 11:28:58

The Intercontinental Hotel was closed due to inside robberies. The Hotel gave up trying to keep customers safe. I lived in Ponce back then for many years. I loved Ponce and all my neighbors as well as Coffin Island!!!!

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