San Juan Cinemafest - San Juan and Metro, San Juan

Festivals - San Juan and Metro - San Juan

When: TBA, Wednesday, 15 October 2008
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Where: Montehiedra Movie Theatre, San Juan, San Juan and Metro


The San Juan Cinemafest has become renowned film festival. It is well attended and showcases some of the top documentaries and films on offer.

This is an amazing event as it showcases some of the best international films and documentaries that come from around Cuba, the Caribbean and South America. At San Juan Cinemafest these fascinating films are openly discussed by critics.

Of course it’s a great honor to have your entry displayed at the San Juan Cinemafest, but nothing can take the feeling away should you be given a positive reception for your outstanding work by being presented with the prestigious public award.

The San Juan Cinemafest pays tribute to those who have had a great influence on the trade as well as acknowledging those who have maintained professional standards through their careers. Some fine examples are Harry Belafonte, Antonio Banderas and Eduardo Noriega, who have attended and have been recognized for the art of films.

This fantastic event is proudly sponsored by the ‘Ministry of Education’.


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