Columbus Day - San Juan and Metro, San Juan

Political - San Juan and Metro - San Juan

When: All Day, Monday, 11 October 2010
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Where: City Center, San Juan, San Juan and Metro


Celebrated on the second Monday of October, Columbus Day is an official federal (US) holiday, as well as being an official holiday in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. This is a time to honor the memory of a man who many see as the world's most entrepid explorer - Christopher Columbus. His exploration and discovery of the Americas had such an impact on American history, that it has led to the term "pre-Columbian" being commonly accepted as referring to a time before Columbus arrived.

While people have celebrated the achievements of Columbus since the mid- to late-1700s, official recognition for Columbus Day was first brought about by the State of Colorado in 1906, with the rest of the country, including Puerto Rico, following later. Puerto Rico also celebrates the discovery by Columbus of the island, on November 19 each year, which is designated as Discovery of Puerto Rico day.


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