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Exclamation We all speak several dialects of one or more languages!

Hola, Mija, the truth is there is no such thing as a correct language. If you are Latin American there is a standard, the stuff you hear on the radio or on tv, but if the person in the media is good, you should not be able to determine where he or she comes from. However, we all speak different dialects for different reasons, or places, these are called domains. We all speak local dialects and that depends on the language spoken at home, in the community and in places such as schools and church. Then there are those that make speeches and the politicians seem to be pretty good at this kind of language. So we all speak many dialects of a language. If you are in the USA, you speak your local variety of English, Your standard for business or academic reasons, and if you have a lot of education you should be able to control a pd (prestige dialect) in English it would be "Prestige English, such as a New England Dialect as spoken by those who attend some Ivy League. As to Mexican Spanish, I am Puerto Rican but Mexican Spanish as spoken by those who control ps (Prestige Spanish) and are Mexican have a lovely sound to their variety and are understood perfectly. By the way, in my experience I find that there are a great many educated Mexicans, and they are a pleasure to read, Carlos Fuentes or Octavio Paz, for example. Your friend is very biased and in my humble opinion, very ignorant. No, I cannot agree with her, tell her, "Chale" there are many ignorant Puerto Ricans and they do not have to live in New York!

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