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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to address the original poster. I agree with what Delgado22 said.

Too many Black women spend so much time crying over the Black men who don't want them anyway.

Most Black men will marry a Black woman. Stop looking at the media, it presents a skewed reality. Most athletes have Black wives, contrary to popular culture and most wealthy Black men as well as most Black men in general choose Black women.

No more than 10% of Black men are married to women who aren't Black. The media only shows you interracial couples with a Black man and White woman, when statistics show that about 35% of Asian women are in interracial marriages to White men. They don't show the Connie Chung/Maury Povich couples, although this is a reflection of the majority of interracial couples. Instead they bombard you with images of the Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush couples. They don't show you Shaq and Shaunie or Donovan McNabb and his wife Roxy.

So, stop focusing on one Black man who is colorstruck and interested in dating outside his race. Frankly, it's each individuals choice to date who they want to. You don't own Black men and they don't own you. There is no law that says a Black person has to date another Black person, and this is a reality for each race. We would like to believe that we are somehow obligated to date/marry/mate with someone from our "race," because historically, people married within their culture. But much of this was due to the fact that people married people who lived in their community, and until recently (within the last 50 years), most people lived in communities with people who looked like them).

Now, in the US people live, work and go to school with people of other races and cultures, so the intermixing is going to become more common. But even with that, I still believe the majority of people want to and will marry someone from their race/culture. So, my advice to you is to calm down and start to notice the Black men who do want to be married to and date you, and with the breath of kindness, blow the rest away.
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