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As a woman who has an AA mother and a PR father....I can understand both sides of the coin.....but I identify more with my black side on this issue...mainly because I grew up with my black family and have more black friends than any other I understand where the original poster is coming from

Black men where I live (Ohio) are extremely color struck.....I'm light-skinned with long hair and have been told many times by my darker brothers that they have to be with a woman my color or lighter because they don't want their kids to come out dark.....CRAZY!!!....

I get approached by different types of men...but I've noticed in conversation that some black men approach me simply on the basis that I'm light skinned.....and evnthough it works to my is extremely disheartening....and makes me not want to talk to those men.....*rolls eyes*

Krys......there's men out there that will appreciate you for you....keep an open-mind and an open heart....if a man can't see you for the beautiful woman that you are on the inside and OUT....he's an idiot and not worth your are truly better off without him.....he has issues within himself....and they would eventually just start bringing you is beautiful....ALL shades....never forget that
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