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Originally Posted by sheharazad View Post
Hello All,

I'm new to the forum and moving to San Juan in February for my MBA. I am a black woman from California with natural kinky afro hair. I was talking to some friends the other day and they told me that when I move to PR, I would be considered strange or unattractive because I don't straighten my hair, and people may treat me differently because I have what they would call "pelo malo."

I'd like to know if women in PR ever wear their hair natural or if there are even salons for natural hair?

My fiance is Puerto Rican (fair skin and straight hair) and he loves my afro so I wonder what others think about women who wear an afro. What is considered beautiful in PR?



This link below is what I look like (I don't think i'm unattractive..)

Alafia-Queen of Travel’s 10 Quickies EMBRACE YOU
Hi. I'm Boricua and like you, I currently live in California. IMO, Boricuas are the one Hispanic group most greatly and passionately embrace their African roots.

Although I no longer live on the island, I do have male and female cousins who have a more African blood and thus the type of hair you refer to. The males keep it short like President Obama. They seem to manage thier hair with nothing more than a brush. The females in my family tend to keep it straight and short. Can't say I know where they get their hair done.

Nonetheless, I don't think you'll have any problem whatsoever finding adequate hair care products or qualified stylists who can properly attend your follicle needs.

If you're the girl in the pic, darling. . .you're a doll!
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