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Who is Senator Inhofe.

He is the guy who thought Puerto Ricans were disloyal when we protested the Navy in Vieques.

According to his legislation:

"This legislation will provide much-needed commonality among United States citizens, regardless of heritage,” Inhofe said. “As a nation built by immigrants, it is important that we share one vision and one official language.”

"A common language is the most powerful unifying force known throughout history," Inhofe said. "We need to encourage assimilation of all legal immigrants in each generation. A nation divided by language cannot pull together as effectively as a people."

1) Actually some Puerto Ricans acted disloyal during the protest in Vieques by burning the flag and booing the American national Anthem in public events.......but like always they were a minority and they dont speak for the majority. just like the protests at the University of P.R.....its always a minority and a few knuckleheads causing problems.

2) Zogby Poll reported 84% of Americans support making English the official language of governmental operations, including 71% of Hispanics. 27 states and 51 nations have made English their official language and that the Office of Management and Budget estimated that it costs taxpayers between $1–2 billion to provide language assistance under President Bill Clinton’s Executive Order 13166 that created the entitlement to services provided in any language other than English.

3) I have NO problem in making ENGLISH the official language for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT operations. it already is. How hard is it to learn english?

4) Now each state may choose what languages they want to adopt for state government operations. the Federal Constitution gives those powers and rights to the states. They will have to pay for it if they want to run their state government operations in different languages.......again, i have no problem what each state wants to adopt for their state.

This is common sense people.......I dont know who wants multiple languages for federal government operations.....lets have English, German,French Spanish , Italian, Korean, Chinese as official languages of governmental operations,....that be ridiculous and a joke and expensive..

5) Clippie, I agree with Senator makes sense to me......the question is why aren't you? or you dont agree because it came from a white Republican? IF it comes from Democrat or a minority you can swallow it beter?

This is the problem with FANATICS on both sides. It doesn't matter if its a good idea that makes sense comes from a Repubican or Democrat...if it makes sense whats the problem?

yes, lets have 1 OFFICIAL language for the federal government operations and let the states decided what they want to do for their state. let everyone else speak whatever they want in their homes...........whats the problem again?

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