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Claro que si

Somebody has to pay for the $26.9 Billion the Puerto Rico government will spend this year, so, yes besides sales taxes [IVU] you also pay INCOME TAXES to El Departamento de HACIENDA , property and certain other taxes to CRIM [Centro de Recaudacion de Ingresos Municipales- which is essentially the local tax assessor and those taxes are now paid every quarter as is done in most towns on the mainland]. If you are a federal employee or have federal obligations you also pay taxes to the IRS. Corporations also pay to Hacienda and sometimes to the IRS.

By the way, as a source of comparison the NJ budget where 8 million people live [versus 4 million in Puerto Rico] is $29 billion this fiscal year. However this figure probably triples when you add county, municipal and special budgets for NJ and perhaps doubles when you add the municipal expenditures for PR .

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