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Talking Casanova was no holy man...

so is the wannabe

Dear unholy Casanova wannabe:

I already stated before that there are four things you must bear in mind if you are going to debate me:

1- I do not believe in luck.

2- The Bible states clearly that God cannot lie, thus this is the only one thing impossible for Him. Based on this FACT I find that any lie made in the name of God is extremely offensive and blasphemous.

3- I only debate fellow Puerto Ricans in this Puerto Rican forum, and if you are not Puerto Rican you are wasting your time peddling your religion out here. Therefore you must prove that you are Puerto Rican, and not just a Muslim cleric out there in the internet.

4- I do not waste my time in visiting websites (and in reading lengthy "sales-manuals" on Islam) when the issue is to debate here and openly. Why would anybody need to point me to a website when the simple thing here is to present your points clearly, concisely (short and brief) and to stick to the debate points? Unless that someone doesn't know what they are talking about and thus need assistance from out-of-the-way sources. That, "dear John", is to be deceitful and dishonest.

If you can constrain yourself to these four "walls" we can have an open, truthful, and sincere debate here.

1st Letter from the Apostle Paul to Timothy 6.20,21
20Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called KNOWLEDGE, 21which some have professed and in so doing have wandered from the FAITH.
Grace be with you.

PS Kaz: Your fixation on Casanova shows how un-holy is Islam, since it only produces men who are slaves to their carnal desires.

Dear XXX-ciencia: You show by your fruits that you are in the same boat with Kaz . Of course, a man bound to pornography such as you is totally disqualified to opine on the Trinity and the rest of the most Holy and basic of Christian Doctrines. Pay attention to your own conscience first, and then may be perhaps God will grant you the Grace to change (and be born from above) and also of understanding basic Christianity.
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