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Talking These are the FACTS:

Originally posted by Leticia_g
If you are going to throw it at me do it better. You and I know that Fidel Castro has nothing to do with our organization. Wake up my friend! You make Fidel sound like he is a god and that everyone has to fear him or worship him. I do neither. There isn't a man alive that I worship. The only one that merits my worship is God. If you are so gun ho on Fidel give me evidence that substantiates your claims.
I thought I would refer you to

But since some here may not know much Spanish, here is a translation:

The true Marxist links to Vieques are as follow:

In the following SPANISH DOCUMENT the ratioanle is given for independentista efforts to remove the Navy from Vieques and the U.S. Army Southern Command from Puerto Rico.

After reading the DOCUMENT go to
and clik in "Other Struggles"

Compare this last link to
and clik on "galeria" and after this clik on "galeria 4, A proposito de la zona desmilitarizada"

Leticia, if you are not a soldout Marxist Activist, these clear links between Puerto Rican independentistas and Communist Guerrillas in Colombia should be not only SCARY, but an AWAKENING of all that is going on.

The BOTTOM-LINE: FARC Marxist Guerrillas in Colombia already own 40% of the Colombian Territory, but to overcome the COLOMBIAN ARMY they need an extra UMPH, just like the Vietcong could not overcome by itself the South Vietnamese Army, they needed the United States to pull out so that the North Vietnamese Army could roll in with the tanks and heavy weaponry.

Thus, by LOGIC and HISTORICAL PRECEDENT, for the FARC to take over Colombia they need MILITARY intervention from "friendly armies", like the one in Cuba and Venezuela. However, while the United States Southern Command is in Puerto Rico they can't do this. That is why the FARC and its Allies, through our local independentista sellouts are feverishly working day and night to push the United States Armed Forces from Puerto Rico, and Vieques is just the tip of this. If they get to achieve their plans for Vieques, then the rest is a PIECE OF CAKE .