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Originally posted by michaelangelo_g
Ive been living here in NYC since 1976, and it has just gotten worse and worse for us over here. Not only do we have to deal with the Racist bull from the Americans, but these immigrants that are here, they are forced to go and get an education, and those poor souls do suffer. They suffer and they "get" a good education over here, and they "get" the good jobs, and then turn around and "try" at every chance they get, to treat us like crap! They hate us because they envy the fact that we are citizens of the USA. Dont get me wrong, I am not Pro - State - hood! Once we give up the Island to ANYONE, we can NEVER take it back! If we become Independant, then guess what, all these immigrants would be happy to see us suffer cause you know, misery loves company. Look, I am not a Racist in any way, I am tellin it like it is!!!!! If you dont believe me then bring your tail over here and get it wupped just like we do then youll see what we have on the Island. Mind you, I hate all of the Alcoholism Xeno-phobia on the Island that is spewed-out in wreckless abandon, and even tho, I do care about our people! Que Viva Puerto Rico!!!!!!!!!!! Stay Home Kid!
Not too be too critical, but if you fear that those "immigrants" are getting good education and good jobs, then why wont you go get a good education and good job and try to persuade others to do the same, it would be a lot better then complaining about people who actually get up and do something with their lives.
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