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Jibaro, i thought you are more intellegnet than this..
You know girls can still play with dolls at age 25 and may be more..

also, don't mis-quote me

guess you know that Girls can be adults (ie start menses) from age 9-13. Especially at the old times where life standards was different from ours a 9 year old is considered a women, and a 14-year is considered a man.
that is what i've said..
you know since she menstruate... she can reproduce... so she can marry... that is plain science..
I told also, in the past it was socially normal... so there is NO HARM TO "CHILDREN"
in todays muslim, girls marry at ages from 18-25 (mean)..
so don't try to mix things to give false impressions..
btw, i haven't seen your opinion in the Homosexuality Thread
* what do you think about homosexuality?


Q: Did you read "Tahrirolvasyleh" your self.. or taking the quotes from another book?

Q: where in the book that mentions muslims are allowed to have sex with animal?

btw, the Site is clearly anti-islamic.. and propagating lies against muslims in general..

pls answer my questions plus the ones you did not answer

Q: Do you think that marriage at age of 20 suitable?
Q: Do you think it will remain suitable after 1000 year?
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