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I am older than you----- old enough to remember the arrabales bordering el caņo Martin Peņa and El Fanguito in Santurce. I remember driving to la parada 18 using the newly built Expreso Las Americas and the 1st thing one would see was the arrabal on the right. I remember how 100% of the population in the arrabal was Popular and how Luis A. Ferre tried in vain to have some of these folks vote for the Partido Estadista Republicano. IN any event, the caserios were built to elimitate the arrabales. They simply moved the folks out and destroyed the arrabal. During those days PR truly looked like a 3rd world country, no doubt about it. EL caserio represents the so called Cultura de la Pobreza in PR and there is another world that perhaps is completely unknown to the middle class. As a young man my dad worked for Asistencia Legal, the equivalent of public attorneys for the poor. He has some war stories to tell about the caserios and arrabales. There was an old saying in PR---- if someone stole a bicycle from your neighborhood you could almost always find it in the nearest caserio.

Los recuerdos suelen
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