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Is there racism in Puerto Rico against darker or dark-skinned Puerto Ricans? You bet there is. Do I find it as poisonous as the USA white people's racism? No because as Waneko stated, in order for discrimination to be really bad it has to have ECONOMIC teeth. There has to be systemic lack of educational opportunity, segregation, white flight, and as a whole less of a piece of apple pie than what is available to be truly effectively discriminatory racism. In its subtle and not so subtle forms.


Very true! As a fact there are more Black Puerto Ricans in higher education than Whites in the Island (I hate having to use color but for stats I will need to). Many more whites are in higher positions, but you can give thanks to Americanism for that. Suki, Romanians, French, Italians, Greeks consider themselves Latin too. And they are, that's why I prefer Hispano, since it was meant to mean people of the New World of Spanish origin.

Da Realest, it had to be a very unpleasant moment when that woman said that about you at the door. Racism exist individually, it's not practiced by the population or the government as a whole. When you go for a job does the application have Black, White or Other in PR? I don't think so. I'm curious, do all Puerto Ricans treat you the same way that woman did years ago or is it a few?

Piri Thomas wrote the bio Down These Means Streets remember? He had a Black American friend who told him he was Black. When he took that trip with his friend to the South he conceded and became a Black Man. But Piri was Black in a World of English speaking Americans. From that moment on Piri Thomas addressed himself as a "Black Puerto Rican." Maybe he felt he needed to do that here in the states, but he never had to in PR or in Spanish Harlem. He himself reveals in his book without realizing it he was always a Puerto Rican by Puerto Ricans. It's a matter of choice and that was his.

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