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The Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53

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Old 25th November 2008, 17:33
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The Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53

Why was Yahushua so despised and loathed by so many? Why did YashaYahu say that people would hide their faces from our beloved Messiah and regard Him as cursed? Why did YashaYahu say that Yahushua would experience our sicknesses, diseases (#2483), and our mental and physical pains (makob) by first hand experience? Remember that Yahuah refers to Yisrael (including us) without the covering of Yahushua in YashaYahu 1 as Sick, Plagued (naga) with putrefying, and decaying sores from head to toe, Death mixed with Life!
What Isaiah tries to tell all of us is that Yahushua was stricken (nagua or naga), yes, stricken or plagued (nagua or naga) with our rightful Tzara'at! Did you get that? Your Tzara'at and my Tzara'at were carried literally by Yahushua by His own free will! Yahushua appeared to those people way back then as UNCLEAN, defiled, plagued, and cursed! Tens of thousands loathed Yahushua because they judged Him by His deteriorating outward appearance, which appeared to be defiled, UNCLEAN, and marred more than any man's ever! The key is that Yahushua appeared or seemed to those people to be UNCLEAN and DEFILED! However, the truth of the matter was that Yahushua was Perfectly CLEAN, even though Yahushua carried our sins and the physical manifestation (Tzara’at) of our sinful and rebellious condition in His own flesh! Those, who received Yahushua were generally the poor, sick, and the needy, who were able to look past Yahushua's marred and corrupted physical appearance! Instead they were able to focus on the miracles that Yahushua was doing, the wisdom and authority of His teachings, and the splendor and majesty of His wonderful heart! When the Day of Yahuah arrives and there is no longer time to repent (shub), the very first Plague (Bowl Judgment #1, Revelation 16) that Yahuah strikes (nagua or naga) the wicked and unrepentant souls of this earth with is the Nega, plague, tzara'at! Tzara'at is their just reward, since they did not embrace Yahushua's offer to carry the nega of Tzara'at for them, as all true followers of Yahuah will have! Yahushua carried my plague and your plague (nega #5061) of tzara'at! Yahuah was pleased to smite (nakah # 5221) and strike (naga or nagua #5060) Yahushua in our behalf as part of Yah's redemption Plan for us! Yahushua was broken and crushed (daka #1792) in our behalf as He carried our rightly deserved punishment in His fleshly body! Yahushua suffered mental and physical pain, agony, and affliction (makob #4341)! As Ibrim #5 says Yahushua learnt obedience from His suffering! We all are challenged to do the same. In fact sufferings are the catalyst that Yahuah most often uses to humble, break, crush, and bring us back to HIM with contrite hearts! Of course Yahushua finished His mission by sacrificing His life hanging on a tree! Yahuah laid the nega of Tzara'at on Yahushua, when Yahushua healed the Tzara (leper) as Yahushua descended the Mountain, after His teaching called the Sermon on the Mount! Yahushua said, "I am Willing! Taher! Taher! Be Clean! Be Clean!" From that time on Yahushua could no longer enter the cities and towns openly! Why? Because Yahushua appeared to be a metzora, an afflicted one carrying the nega tzara'at! Yahushua's sufferings are written in the Davidic Psalms, the Thanksgiving Psalms of the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as MattiYahu, Mark, Luke, and John! Yahushua did plea to Abba Yahuah daily in agony and torment as He suffered our Living Death, nega tzara'at! In Psalms 56 Yahushua asked Yahuah to, "Put my tears in your bottle"! For Yahuah alone knew why this was happening to Yahushua the way it was! Yes, Yahuah alone knew the plan in its fullness and why the Tzara'at was necessary that Yahushua carried! Hanging on the tree was horrific and the culmination of nearly three and a half years of Yahushua's suffering with our nega, our plague! Day after agonizing day, the tzara'at worsened! By the end Yahushua appeared marred and defiled more than any man ever! That's what YashaYahu said in YashaYahu 52:14. Yahushua could barely walk; that's why Yahushua needed to ride the colt, not walk into Yahrushalem! Yahushua's talmidim even had to set Yahushua on that colt because Yahushua could not get on it by Himself! Early on in Yahushua's ministry, John the Immerser sent two of his followers to reaffirm that Yahushua was indeed the Messiah of Yisrael! Doesn't that strike you as odd considering John had immersed Yahushua in the not too distant past and even seen the heavens opened and heard Yahuah affirm Yahushua from the heavens! Ask yourself, what had changed? Obviously what had changed was Yahushua's outward physical appearance had degraded tremendously, since John had last seen Him! They had heard reports of Yahushua's miracles, but had also heard of Yahushua's seemingly UNCLEAN and even grotesque physical appearance resulting from the plague! After Yahushua healed the Gadarene, who was overcome with a legion of unclean spirits, the Scripture says that the whole town came out to SEE Yahushua! But then quite abruptly the Scriptures say that the town’s people were terrified and asked Yahushua to leave their coasts immediately! Why so terrified? Why, after such a miracle would they immediately ask Yahushua to leave! Again it was obviously the nega tzara'at! In Luke 4 when Yahushua returned to His hometown Natzareth and read on the Shabbat, why were the people thinking to themselves, "Physician heal yourself"? What was it about Yahushua’s appearance that would cause those people observing to think that thought? Obviously, when they looked at Yahushua, it appeared to them that Yahushua was diseased with the nega, Himself! So in their minds they were thinking Physician you need to heal yourself! Those people were astonished because Yahushua appeared to be stricken (naga) with Tzara'at and they knew that in Nahum that Yahushua was reported to have healed people with Tzara'at, which was believed to be Yah's direct retribution for sin, rebellion, and lashon hara (slander and wicked speech)! So those people were thinking heal yourself just as you did to those with Tzara'at at Nahum that we've been hearing about! It was not just one woman with the issue of blood that wanted to just touch Yahushua’s tallit! Read for yourself; it was many, many people, who only wanted to touch the hem of Yahushua’s garment! Again it seemed to them that Yahushua was UNCLEAN! They had a dilemma! On the one hand they wanted healing on the other they didn’t want to be defiled by the nega! So they did not want to touch His skin and thereby become defiled! Remember, Mary Magdelene at the resurrection tomb, why didn't Mary recognize Yahushua and actually mistake Him for the Gardener? Mary only recognized Yahushua, when He spoke to her! Mary’s eyes could not discern Yahushua, but Mary’s ears recognized Yahushua loud and clear! The answer is simple! Again because Mary had never seen Yahushua without His wounds, marks, lesions, and the decaying flesh, which characterized Tzara'at! The same can be said for the two followers that Yahushua walked with to Emmaus! They did not recognize Yahushua without the Tzara’at! Mary was fooled by Yahushua's resurrected appearance! Mary had never seen Yahushua without the plague, nega, which made Him almost indiscernible as a man according to YashaYahu 52! These examples take on a new light and a new perspective, after one knows what YashaYahu was trying to report, warn, tell, communicate, and prepare us for concerning our future Redeemer!
Once Yahuah laid our nega on Yahushua, then Yahushua could no longer openly enter the towns and villages (read Mark’s account)! But the masses of poor and needy, who desperately needed healing, came to Yahushua in the wilderness from all directions! At other times Yahushua would enter the towns, villages, and even Yahrushalem in stealth! When Yahushua would enter Yahrushalem to teach and heal, Yahushua would always leave the city and stay the night in Bethany; that was His practice! Yahushua was obviously highly revered by masses of the poor and needy, who Yahushua healed, so the wicked religious authorities were afraid of the people’s reaction to an open arrest of Yahushua in broad daylight! Yahushua was loathed by the religious establishment and those, who judged Yahushua by His dreadfully marred outside appearance instead of His wonderful heart! Yahushua taught with such authority that even the Torah Teachers and Scribes cowered away, when confronted directly by Yahushua! Yahushua carried our nega, but He, Himself was PERFECTLY CLEAN, cleaner than any man ever! Of course, Yahuah knew everything about His own Son and His own Plan! Yahushua did not violate Torah by entering and teaching in Yahrushalem! Yahushua was perfectly CLEAN and YAH knew it! In fact Yahushua fulfilled every requirement and prophecy perfectly including every detail of YashaYahu’s report #53! Yahushua did not need to shout UNCLEAN, UNCLEAN because in all truth and reality Yahushua was absolutely CLEAN, perfectly CLEAN! Yahushua did not need to cover His upper lip or shave His head because He was PERFECTLY CLEAN! His Father Yahuah knew everything about the situation because Yahuah planned it out that way! Yahushua was hated by the religious establishment and the proud, who plotted relentlessly to kill Yahushua from the beginning! Yahushua suffered humiliation, rejection, betrayal, loathing, oppression, taunts, the hiding of the face, beating, and finally a death hanging on a cursed tree! But all the while Yahushua suffered, He held on tightly to a fabulous dream! Yahushua’s dream was that by His suffering a multitude of brothers and sisters would come into the family of Yahuah!

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Old 25th February 2009, 04:28
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God's Management of deeds of a soul

God acts as Father as well as the teacher (Guru) in the case of any soul. Since God created the soul, He is the Father. But at the same time He is the teacher who trains every soul to come up in the spiritual path. Generally in the world the father is different since teacher is separate. But here in the case of any soul the real Father and the real teacher is only one and that is God. Therefore, God is always kind as Father and is strict and harsh as teacher. But the harshness of the teacher is apparent only and in reality the harshness is kindness only. Hence, basically God is always kind. God appears harsh as the teacher and appears kind as Father.

Since, the teacher is basically kind even in his harsh attitude also, God is always kind in reality or in the basic sense. The souls have done continuous sins and continuous good deeds and if the results are to be given based on the same sequence and span of time, there will be continuous punishments for long time and continuous happiness for another span of long time. Then it will be summer for one year and winter for one year. But the kindest God has re-arranged our results in such manner so that our human life is made with alternative good and bad results so that there will be summer for two months and winter for two months so that the two years are made with alternative couple of months of summer and winter. Neither summer nor winter bores with continuity and both summer and winter with the span of one year each gets exhausted.

The punishments are used to remove the ignorance and happiness is given as an interval between punishments. The punishments are also selected in such a way so that their intensity is suitable to the frequency of requirement for the transformation in the life again and again. This means that a particular soul requires a particular punishment of a specified intensity suitable to the degree of ignorance of the soul and based on the same, the duration of the punishment also varies from one soul to the other. According to the requirement, a suitable portion from the result of the sin is cut like a piece from a large cake. The size of the piece depends on the requirement of the nature of the soul. The sizes of the pieces of the salt (bad result) and sweet (Good result) cakes depend upon the duration of treatment and interval required by the nature of the soul.

The salt cake is a medicine for the ignorance and the sweet cake is the food during the treatment for the patient-soul. The left over cakes are used for the external hell and heaven in the upper world. Whatever may be the place (hell or heaven or earth), the punishments are given for the treatment of ignorance only. In the earth the punishments are used as medicines but in the hell the punishments are used as the final surgery for removing the ignorance. In any case only the kindness of God is always reflected. Thus, God can be seen as Father or Teacher or Doctor giving medicines or surgeon doing operation and in all angles only the kindness is reflected always. He is always working constantly to uplift every soul. God works as Teacher, Doctor and Surgeon and at the same time the God with an attitude of the Father also observes the possible limit up to which the soul can withstand the treatment.

Once the limit is reached, God will regain the attitude of Father withdrawing Himself from the attitude of Teacher or Doctor or Surgeon and as a Father He starts giving the food of happiness for some time. Remember that He is using the bad and good results of the deeds of the soul only in every action to uplift the soul.

The deeds are done by the soul in a free atmosphere and God has no trace of interference and the same time all this treatment and food arranged alternatively makes the life cycle quite interesting to the soul without boring since continuity of anything is absent. Otherwise the soul would have got bored and the Samskara (strong feeling) of boring should have followed the soul and the soul must have developed repulsion to this world as soon as it is born in this world.
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