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Why do scientist reject God?

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Old 26th December 2001, 09:29
MinFaluMuhammad MinFaluMuhammad is offline
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Why do some scientists reject God?
by Min. Jabril Muhammad

There are some Jews, Christians and Muslims, who know that the Messiah, of whom their scriptures prophesy, has finally arrived.

There are powerful persons in “mainstream” media; in real power in government, in huge corporations, in science, in universities, etc., who know this too.

These religious scholars, who know of the Messiah’s presence, do not appear on these television and radio programs, where highly learned discussions are taking place on the ramifications of September the 11th? Why?

Caucasian scientists (and non-Caucasians who follow Western spirituality) continue to pursue the explanation of all things that they may become the masters of the universe.

They well know that which they study, of the universe, contains wisdom infinitely superior to what they had when they began their study centuries ago. Their great advancement in science is yet inferior to that of the Creator’s.

They don’t like to acknowledge, or recognize, that there either was, or is, an intelligent source, or being, whose wisdom thoroughly fills every aspect of the universe that they are studying.

Many of these scientists claim to believe in a god, of some sort, or that they belong to one of the “recognized” religions. They claim to keep their god and their religious belief out of their scientific work and reporting, even though their learning is based on their study of the creation of “God” Whom they know is wiser than they.

Some admit that if they could reach the root of the wisdom of the universe they would come face to face with God. Most simply say if they got to the root, they would become “God” themselves over the universe.

Some seem to be internally conflicted between their scientific and their personal beliefs. The outright atheistic scientists seem very comfortable with their totally arrogant approach to the truth of the universe.

In any case, it’s obvious that the universe was created from the highest kind of wisdom. It takes special study to understand, and much more to master, the principles and laws out of which the universe was created and maintained.

The atheistic scientists refuse to acknowledge the power of the obvious: at the very least, there had to be such a Being, Who created and, in some way, maintains the universe.

Refuse Him as they will, they cannot get around the fact that as it takes mind power to understand the creation, it took mind power to create it. In fact, there could be no way for us to understand the universe if mind had not created it.

Supreme arrogance runs throughout the spirit of Western man’s thought. It’s imbedded and permeates the nature of his study and use of history; of society; his educational systems; his laws and his evil use of “medicine,” his systems of government and his way of warfare or military science.

The powerful of this world really see religion as myths and lies. So to them, it’s ultimately irrelevant, except as it suits them, in what they call “the real world.” They think: God is alright, so long as He does not get in their way.

They think that “religion” has nothing concrete to offer in the formulation of their planning, policy-making, war making and rule—especially in the recent ramifications of September the 11th.

They regard “religion” as ultimately irrelevant to the every day affairs of the public, and especially the crucial problems of the nations of the earth.

There are some who are aware that the prophecies of the scriptures, concerning these times, are being fulfilled. They know that God and His Messiah are present. But they feel they can handle it. In their gross denial, they study to try to overcome Him. False-pride to the height. Supreme arrogance. Blindness.

Now, their secret ultimate aim is revealed. It’s especially directed towards a Blackman born in New York City, in 1933, who was taught by and represents a Blackman born a little bit outside of Sandersville, Georgia, in 1897, who was taught by a Blackman born in Mecca, in 1877—the identities of whom the whole world will soon come to know, as it is written in the scriptures the world now reads.

Certain Caucasian writers, and Blacks, who are filled, or deeply affected, by the spirit of Western thought, use the word “enigma” and “enigmatic” with reference to Minister Farrakhan.

“Enigma” means an occurrence, situation, person or persons that is puzzling, ambiguous, inexplicable or perplexing. It’s also a thing, saying, or person(s) that is, or seems to be, of a contradictory character. It’s also that which contains a hidden meaning.

Of “enigmatic” Webster’s Dictionary of Synonyms states: “That is enigmatic which puzzles, mystifies, and, often, baffles one who would seek its true meaning or significance.”

It also states: “That is obscure the true meaning of which is hidden or veiled, because of some fault or defect, either in the thing itself or in the person who would understand it.”

In his September the 11th speech, Minister Farrakhan gave the best advice that the President, and all in power, could possibly receive.

In my article (Vol. 21; No. 1) I wrote that Minister Farrakhan “instructs us about how we ought to see the events of September the 11th, when America was viciously attacked and the innocent were murdered.”

Later, I wrote: “I went to the dictionary … that I might better grasp what I witnessed of God coming through my Brother, Minister Farrakhan.”

In 1997, I wrote in Vol. 16; No. 42: “How is it, after all of these centuries of studies by Caucasians of Black people in America, do we have a situation in this country where leading thinkers among white people seemingly can’t figure out a very prominent Black leader?”

Later I wrote: “Of course, there are many white people who understand and admire Minister Farrakhan.” Then later: “Is he really that hard to understand? What spiritual law is at work here?”

“They have studied his entire life. So what is it about him, and what he represents, that causes those who communicate to the public to speak of him as an ‘enigma’ ?” Still later I wrote: “Who and what Minister Farrakhan represents is beyond the range of the knowledge of this world best thinkers, unless they—and all of us for that matter—are aided to understand.” This entire article, (Vol. 16; No. 42) and the 1993 series on “pain,” can now be read on my website address: http://www.writtentestimony.com.

In 2 Corinthians 4:3 we read, “… if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost.” (The King James version)

The Phillip Modern English Version reads: “If our gospel is ‘veiled,’ the veil must be in the minds of those who are spiritually dying … .”

We also read in Isaiah 29: 18, 24: “And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness.

“They also that erred in spirit shall come to understanding, and they that murmured shall learn doctrine.”

Almighty God, and His Messiah, through Minister Farrakhan has removed all excuses; denials, and defense mechanisms, any might have for rejecting any part of His scientific truths.

More next issue, Allah willing.

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Old 1st January 2002, 15:45
AnotherRican AnotherRican is offline
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Cool There are many scientists who believe in God...

IslamMan... there are many scientists who believe in God. The problem is that the media doesn't talk much about that.

I respect your respect for Farrahkan... I don't respect Farrahkan. I think he is a racist and a bigot who loves to create issues based on race in order to keep a movement going... not to mention that Malcolm X criticized Muhamad Elijah for pedophilia, etc. Some say that Farrahkan was instrumental in the assasination of Malcolm X. I noticed that when Malcolm's daughter confronted Farrahkan he did not say much but went into the line, "I feel your pain stuff." He neither denied nor confirmed his involvement in the murder. Hmmmm.

Just my opinion, IslamMan.

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Old 2nd January 2002, 09:47
MinFaluMuhammad MinFaluMuhammad is offline
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Don't you think the govt. would have him locked up by now?

In the 60 Minutes piece, there was a WHOLE BUNCH OF INFORMATION not broadcast that made it seem that Min. Farrakhan had something to do with that. If you read the FBI Files on Malcolm X and The Judas Files by Karl Evanzz, you will see it was the government that had something to do with Malcolm's assassination. Not Min. Farrakhan. If he did, don't you think he would have been prosecuted by now? Back then, everyone said it was the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. Pedophila? How dare you say that the Messenger's marriages is a case of pedophilia? What do you call all these men who sleep around? Mack daddies or adulterers. The Holy Qur'an allows a man to have more than one wife. We are taught to respect the law of land as long as it does not conflict with our religion. It is against the law to marry more than one woman but it is all right to have sex with more than one woman? Does it make any sense? This just showed how hypocritical Malcolm was. In the Holy Qur'an it tells us on how to conduct ourselves in regards to other peoples domestic life. Malcolm put it out on front street. All he wanted was the limelight. That is why he went to Mecca and came back as a supposed new man. He now had a way to get in the Civil Rights Movement. He had a platform. "I saw white and black Muslims coming together." That was his hustle.
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