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Old 21st December 2003, 08:37
scotishrican scotishrican is offline
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Hi...well let start with this little quote.
We the Puerto Rican man have a lot of feelings a lot of LOVE for the Woman; I was one of those guys who play when I was young and stupid until someone broke my heart; And realize that everything I did was wrong. Until this day I have look for this Beautiful woman that I broke her heart to get on my knees in front of a crowd or when ever she's at; to say I'm sorry; it's hard when we are young, But we all learn from our mistakes; it only takes one to make you realized what can of man we are, But don't get me wrong, you learn how to respect, how to care for that person, how to Love it and tell her everyday I love you. So we the Puertorican man we are not the same, maybe it was destiny,or maybe he wasn't man enough to tell you I cannot do this, time will tell....and don't worry because you didn't do anything wrong...so hang in there that you will find one of us hot latinos to take care of you for ever and then you will realized that this is the man that I was looking for you will be Happy for ever so if you are closed to Hollyloch Scotland sent me a postcard.
Originally posted by GATTA

I am a young, white woman from Europe.
I spent my summer in the US, and I met wonderful Puertorican man there.
He asked me if I want to spend summer with him. I agreed.
We had wonderful time together, and one day he dumped me without any explanations.
I didn't know what was wrong, coz everything seemed to be perfect when we were together.
After some time he told me that it wasn't my fault, it was him, and that's it.
I still wonder what I did wrong, coz I don't belive in that explanation.
In addition my friend, who spent the summer with me, met a Puertorican guy too.
Everything was wonderful between them, except one thing.
He was not faithful to her.
He was gorgeous for her when they were together, but every party he spent with different girl.
So, what's wrong with Puertorican guys?!
Why do they act like that?!
Maybe they have different mentality from american and european guys?
Do they ever respect their women ?!
Can they really fall in love?!
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Old 21st December 2003, 08:40
scotishrican scotishrican is offline
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Thumbs up Re: TRUE ........

Hi..not to be smart ass or nothing....but we are good people and we Love our Beautiful womans no matter how you look and from which country you from we still Love you with all our hearts.
Originally posted by ILLPrincessa
I have to agree that all men are not the same. But they are many that I have meet and they seem to be the same.

I have only been with one Puertorican man in my life. Meaning a real relationship. He was a very nice person. But we where just different people. The worst relationship that I ever had was with a Dominican. I don't regret it I just learned allot from it. But Puertorican men can have there up and downs specially the ones that come from the isla.....
But I have to give mad love to all my Puertorican men out there
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Old 23rd February 2005, 10:36
Princessitaboriqua Princessitaboriqua is offline
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Ok theres one thing you have to under stand about puerto rican men If your just a week in tour relationship and you let them get all over and give them what they want its pretty obvios there going to leave you, you know You dont have to go all the way for this to happen, even if you let them feel on you youll end up braking up and of coure you have to think that you were just there for the summer did you think he was really going to take you seriously, "GET REAL" honistly I thin men are all the same there all mother ****ing asses!!!! espesioly if their young thats why I allways date older men.
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Old 23rd February 2005, 19:49
TipoConSuerte TipoConSuerte is offline
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OH COME ON!!! Let's stop making excuses for who we are, and what we do!!! We are BORICUAS...men with a smooth tongue and - in most cases - plenty of charm to go with it! There is a popular phrase used in the island: "LA LABIA BORICUA!" There are plenty of good reasons why that is such a popular phrase. Besides, who are we kidding??? Us BORICUA men are genetically disposed to cheat on our women, and cheat we will until some higher power decides to reconfigure our God-given DNA!!!

And don't even get me started on the art of seducing married women! Talk about a challenge we love! THAT'S A CHALLENGE WE LIVE FOR!!! So, all you nicey-nicey boys and girls who still believe in the tooth fairy, and santa claus, and that everything is pink and cute, and that you'll live happily ever after....it's time you woke the hell up!!!

But.....don't forget we also love to show our girls a good time. Te queremos tratar como "MAMITA A DONDE TE PONGO PA QUE NO TE ME ROMPAS!!!" We want to buy you flowers; take you out to nice places; call you at work to let you know we're thinking of you; we want to make direct eye-contact with you and wisper, "que preciosa tu estas." We want to kiss you passionately in public so that everyone knows that "ella es mia, y yo soy de ella". We prefer that you have killer looks.....y que to' el mundo me la mire.....para que otros hombres nos envidien con odio (Ha! Ha! Screw all them losers!).


(Reggaeton song written by, you guessed it...UN BORICUA!)

OK guys! So don't be afraid to show your colors with true BORICUA pride, and don't play that pious game that some would have you play! SOMOS BORICUAS, Y LO HACEMOS CON CALIDAD, SABOR, Y ESTILO PA' QUE TU LO SEPAS!!!

Nenas......tengan mucho cuidaito con el cuco porque es un BORICUA!!! Pero yas tu sabes que te vamos a tratar como una princesita!!!!

Love you all....mi GENTE BORICUA!!!!

[Edited by TipoConSuerte on 24th February 2005 at 06:49]
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Old 24th February 2005, 07:48
cleogoddess cleogoddess is offline
Join Date: Feb 2004
Posts: 29

i'm noticing a strange pattern to the behavior of lots of PR men. I, along with a lot of other people on here have had crazy terrible experiences with pr boys... its no good at all, but you can't let ANY guy get u down like that. You will dig yourself a hole you wont be able to get out of.
~If you can, then do it~
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Old 22nd August 2005, 19:46
s3xy s3xy is offline
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Puerto Rican guys are the opposite of American guys

American guys are desperate, ***** whipped, zero pride or respect for their manhood.

What most women don't understand is that they think loyality is free, its suppose to be there for them, thats why they get heartbroken, they don't from the other side
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Old 14th September 2005, 11:28
RicanYankee RicanYankee is offline
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Cool asi es que e...

asi es que es s3xy mamita... soy tuyo hasta el capuyo... los boricuas somos la ley en cuestiones de tratar con las mamis... yo soy el alpha male... yo soy la ley...
RicanYankeeRicanYankee RicanYankee
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