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Broken Heart.... Be Gone!!!

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Old 13th September 2004, 16:56
GodCatcher GodCatcher is offline
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 62

I wanted to share with you a story of a youngman who's life was changed after meeting his "perfect girl." The story starts off as a pleasurable thought, the euforia of puppy-love's imagination and dreams for satisfaction. As you read along you'll find yourself living the story out. This youngman pours his heart out to you as he goes from his dreams to actuality to crash reality to broken hearted to healing of that broken heart. Whats interesting is that the story was written in the form of a poetry. Its not a detailed story, but rather the mind of the one who wrote it. Anyway I thought it might help some of you. Hope you like it.

Heart UN-Broken!

The Irony of Love:

By: Victor Hernandez (c)
It starts off as a simple look
and goes to grater heights
the foolish things it makes you do
when its not even right

It hits you like a thousand knives
and blinds you from the truth
It makes you think you know its right
when you dont have no proof

It brings you so much happyness
it makes you dance on air
It makes you smile at problems
when life must be unfair

You feel this funny feeling
from your head down to your feet
and when you think about it
your heart just skips a beat

You think about them day and night
and dream about it now
when you can stare into their eyes
and say your sacret vows ....

You want someone to stick with you
in good times and in bad
In sickness and in health aswell
in joyful times or sad

You like the life of fairy tales
but not to move too fast
or you will loose that special love
it surely never last

You know its real and very true
but you refuse to see
the fact that eventhough you knew
it may be just a dream

Now comes a time for you to know
and wake up to whats real
A time you never understood
on what you needed to hear

But you cant grasp to comprehend
where is it you went wrong
you used to be the best of friends
now you cant get along ...

Your memories come flashing back
of happy moments shared
you did so many things with them
now, sadly, its not there

You pray to God it will come back
and hoping for the best
and somehow you can fix it up
and lay it down to rest

And Now you see with open heart
the hints time slowly showed
the times they made you cry for them
and promises they broke

You feel so hopeless in your mind
You simply cant believe
you cry yourself to sleep at night
you see no point to live

The smile turns to a broken frown
its just to say the least
when all your world comes crumbling down
and happyness does not exsist ...

You feel like stuck between your world
with questions you cant hide
you feel like you cant take no more
and simply want to die

You feel so used and battered
it seems that no one cares
it feels like no one understands
the pain that you cant bare

Theres never been a pain alike
of what it makes you feel
a lonely heart without its life
an emptyness thats real

A time when you want not to be
so helpless in the dark
your inches from your lonely life
a soul just torn apart

You feel like someone riped your heart
with all this bitter pain
and when you ask the question why
seems no one can explain ...

Its honestly just very sad
it seems like fate's unfair
how can we be hurt this bad
in times of our despair

But darkness surely never last
the rays of light are on
A light that never ever dies
and shines more than the sun

It takes its time to heal the wounds
but when its done with that
you find your strength to carry on
and never look back

Its up to you to let the light in
shine into your heart
and when you feel its warmth in you
you'll find that missing part

A part that no one can exceed
no money can replace
and once it finds your heart you'll see
you'll never be the same ...

And sometimes we keep looking back
reLiving in the past
but it can never work like that
instead it will just pass

I know its not an easy task
but you must clearly see
I talk about a love unmasked
that last eternally

Jesus is that light of hope
the part that makes you whole
the strenght that gives you courage
the love that cleans our souls

He wants to wrap you in His arms
and take away that fear
and tell you that the love you've searched for
is already here

A love that never cheat or lie
nor give you any pain
that wonderous love will never die
theres no words to explain ...

But eventhough I've said this much
it really seems unreal
I wish that you experience this
and know just how I feel

As Jesus came into my life
He loved me though I've sinned
a love thats unconditional
regardless of what I did

He'll be the one to comfort you
with warming care at best
He'll carry you through troubled times
and lay your soul to rest

He'll guide you through the darkness
He'll be your ray of light
He'll be there when you need someone
a shoulder when you cry

But even having said all this
by now it clearly shows
He loves you more than life itself
And this I clearly know ...

""Lord In heaven wise and kind
Please listend to my cry
Be mercyful for I have sinned
and come in to my life

I open up my heart to You
I want Your will alone
For I dont want to hurt no more
with pain You overcome

I take you as my one true Lord
the Saviour of my sail
Please take, in kind, my soul to fix
a broken heart that failed

I recognize You died for me
Your Gods begotten Son
You spilled Your blood for all my sins
please, let Your will be done

Thank You Lord for hearing me
and fill me up with peace
I trust in You my worries
to leave my heart at ease"" ...

Trust in God with all your heart
and whype those teary eyes
Pray that prayer I just said
Its one that Saved my life

Devote your life and follow Him
He'll show you Love in kind
He'll hand you back the dreams you lost
that you've been trying to find

Believe the Love is very real
You dont have to pretend
There is a Love under that fear
that lasts untill the end

A love that God will freely give
no matter what you do
and if you give Him just one chance
He'll do the same for you

I'm still alive and everyday
I thank the Lord above
for showing me a brand new song
and everlasting Love ...

He's trying to help you see things through
at rough times such as this
He also had a broken heart
He knows how bad it is

I cant put down in words for you
its harder to convey
The heartfelt thanks and all the Love
I feel for God today

So open up your heart to Him
without thinking it twice
for I have faith, I know, I'm there
and hey!, its great advice

**Trust Me... You have nothing to loose
and a whole new life in Christ to gain.
Copyright (c). 2002 by Victor Hernandez
All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.


Comments are welcomed. Hope you enjoyed it as much as i did when I faced this trial. let me know what you think

God Bless

Nuff said
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Old 12th October 2004, 14:31
theLOOP theLOOP is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2004
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Hey, GODCATCHER, you post some heavy stuff. I think the most difficult thing for anyone who is experiencing any kind of problem, is to trust in the LORD, and be patient.
The finest surgeons on earth couldn't repair my broken heart, but I know GOD can. HE hasn't yet, (or maybe I haven't let HIM yet), but after reading that poem, I'm ready to let JESUS do what only HE can do - SAVE ME !
May GOD bless us all.
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Old 14th October 2004, 14:15
GodCatcher GodCatcher is offline
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 62
well worth it!!!

To Gods Glory always! God is calling you to a new level of intimacy with Him!.

I was there too... a very devastating experience at that... I didnt want to live, I couldnt eat, I couldnt sleep... I lost around 30 lbs within a month, my life changed completely. Untill I found myself I couldnt handle it no longer... I did something I didnt even expect... I turned to God. For a whole year I was at war with this. I seen my mom hurt in the process as she worried about me, and I wouldnt tell her anything. I shut her out too. My mom suffered it also. For a year all I did was read the bible, read books like "The God Chasers" and "The God Catcher" by Tommy Tenny, "He came to set the captives free" by Rebbeca Brown, "A Divine Revelation from hell" by Mary K baxter, "The Jabez Prayer", and mainly The Bible. I was on a quest, there had to be more than this.

During this year, I went from the kitchen - to the bathroom - to work - to my room. That was my life, My family did all sorts of things, like go to the movies, go to the park, eat out, and I would stay behind in my room surrounded by Gods word and praiz and worship, in prayer. God turned my life around. during the process I was still getting over it when this person came into my life going to the exact same thing, and I was able to help her out while still looking and searching for God like never before.

That whole experience pushed me to a level of intimacy with God I never expected. It also hurt like crazy, but when it was done and over with, I was at a God 'high' that started taking notice. I didnt attended church during this period. Church consisted of Benny Hinn, Crefflo Dollar, A. A. Allan, John Hagge, T.D. Jakes, and the likes at TBN. By the time I joined a church people noticed the glory of God over me. I never noticed, but to Gods Glory, they did... and It had people interested in it.

Now, hearing you say that after all these years brings a tear to my eye as I see Gods plan unfolding... I had to go through it. As painful as it was, it was well worth it... people like you will benefit from it and experience God in a whole new level that will blow your mind off! Stay in the word, keep God close, if possible shut everything else off, refuge in God not in people, and dont stop until you've reached Him. God wants to show you something. Pay close attention and be willing to love people regardless of the past, be willing to do the good, go the extra mile, for people, specially God. There are hardly people like that today, and everyone thinks its unreachable... that just motivated me even more... if there is no one, I WILL GET THERE! no matter the cost, no matter how much it hurts, I will do this for God, I will suffer and crusify the flesh for Gods glory to show HIM, and let Him know " I love you too" There is no satisfaction this world can offer that can match that.

May God bless you always, and show you a whole new side of Him through this. Remember "Everything works for the good to them that Love God and are called according to His purposes" Keep walking forward with your eyes on God and watch what He can do with you. I'll be praying for you also. Take care.

Nuff said
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