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admin 24th November 2009 06:10

Home Page Poll Suggestions
Hi Everyone

We have recently added a new Poll feature to the Puertorico.com Homepage.

Would you like to contribute to Puertorico.com? We would appreciate it if you would post suggestions for poll topics in this thread.

Yujike 24th November 2009 07:59

Cual es es la principal causa del alza en los asesinatos en Puerto Rico?
a. las acciones de la policia
b. el barcotrafico
c. los problemas mentales


Cual estatus politico favoreces:
a. independencia
b. estadidad
c. Estado Libre Asociado?


Cual es tu lugar favorito para vacacionar en Puerto Rico?

Si te pidieran tu opinion, cual es tu restaurante favorito en Puerto Rico?


Cual puertorriqueno(a) es el/la mejor que representa a Puerto Rico?


En que pueblo de la isla se encuentran las mujeres mas lindas?


Cual es tu comida puertorriquena favorita?

admin 26th November 2009 03:31

Thank you Yujike

Hato Grande #46 23rd July 2015 17:28

I had the opportunity to read all the question from the POLL.... Please!, reorganized them.... some of them has no logic... the one about the restaurant, which town has the prettiest ladies weren't to bright etc... that is my personal opinion... Sorry

However, I think the questions relating to the political aspect were excellent... more question should be asked in relation to the SYSTEM in general-such as education, living condition, housing, hunger in the Island specially children; in addition, Seniors,Drugs,Health and others.

Thank you for doing it-sorry for my opinion.

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