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Child Support out of Unite State

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Old 11th September 2003, 08:10
Norys_Grullon Norys_Grullon is offline
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I live in Dominican Republic, my son`s father live in California. He reported the child to the Income Tax and recives the money. He`s never sent any money for his son.
What should I do to make him send me the money?
Can I do it from my country?
Do I have to fill a form?
Can I do it via Internet?
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Old 15th September 2003, 21:16
tylito tylito is offline
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fathers have bills too

Tax laws are complicated. Just because he has a son does not mean that he gets tax money for the child. First the child has to have a valid social security number. Second he has to provide more than half the child's support. So if he does claim the child and is providing more than half of the child's support in monthly child support payments, and you will not be filing a US tax return, then that money is his. He worked for it and payed the tax, he is getting a refund of his own money that was overpaid. However if he does claim the child and is not providing more than half of the childs support, then he may be in big trouble with the IRS if he ever gets audited. And please don't think that he is getting rich off of child tax credits. The credit in 2004 is only one thousand dollars per child if he qualifies, it used to be six hundred dollars. I don't think that he would be stupid enough to defraud the IRS for so little money. To qualify for any additional child tax credit, the child has to be a resident of dad's US home for more than six months a year and dad has to be considered as a low income worker, earning less than $30,000 per year. Either way his tax refund is not your money unless you two are married and you work to overpay taxes and you both file a joint return. You can't force him to give it to you. I know that the child is half yours, but if he did not claim the child then he would have to give that money to the IRS. If anyone is getting cheated it is the IRS. His tax refund is between him and the IRS. If you do no get child support, sue him or it get a court order and sent it to child support enforcement in the county where he lives in California.
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Old 16th October 2003, 22:00
rpena rpena is offline
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Norys, there is a way of getting your childs father to pay. Please send me the following information via email in order to assist you properly

Name of Father, current address,Social Ssecurity #, date of birth, Place of birth

Name of child, address and date of birth, place of birth

Your name, address, social security #, and date of birth, place of birth

Also is the father a US citizen?
Are you a US citizen?

this information is essential in meproviding you with the most accurate information and to be able to provide you with assistance or refer you to the appropriate person or agency to assist you

Than You
send all emails to rooseveltpena@aol.com
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Old 13th January 2005, 19:41
robertsonjenny robertsonjenny is offline
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Money for your child

First of all call the IRS and report that the child resides with you, so what if he pays child support if the child resides with you then with out your approval he can not claim the child, dial 1-800-615-8857 this number is for the Distric attorney's office no matter where you live if he lives here and works here they will track him down and get you the support you are owed.

Good luck
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