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RACISM against THE ARABS must STOP! NOW!!!!!!!!!

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Old 13th September 2001, 22:48
Patria_y_LaPava Patria_y_LaPava is offline
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What I have been seeing in the news, from family, friends, and on this forum disgusts my stomach and I have stood silent for too long!

Arab-Americans are Americans!

Some born, some raised, some actually took a test to be apart of the USA Nation to become USA citizens, they diserve the respect of a U.S citizen!

Islam is a religion.

People believe in it. It may seem " different" to other people, but do you know that they recognize Jesus Christ as a great prophet!? Did you know that it is the worlds second largest, in followers, religion. Did you know that ALL human beings diserve the right to practice their religion, no matter how different it may seem.

There are Muslims and Muslim fundalmentalists! The fundalmentalists are extremists and fanatics like the government of the Taliban in Afghanistan which Osama Bin Laden is presently hideing.

Did you also know, NO RELIGION on earth hasnt caused a war except maybe Buddhism which leaders dont advocate any killing, not even of animals or insects!

Not all Arabs, or Muslims are terroists!

In their religion, Islam, I think that if they some how try to spread Islam or unite their Islamic people they will be given a place in Heaven! On the contrary, like some say, that doesnt say to suicide bomb! Oh yes, in Islamic countries, suicide bombing is concidered uniting the Muslims against foreign occupation but that doesnt mean that is what their religion is advocating, to murder! Things can be interperted in different ways, so can Christianity and Judhism!

Not all Arabs are celebrating!

The words of Yassar Arafat, the Palestinean leader, "This is unbelievable after he heard the N.Y.C/D.C tradegies!

Why did some celebrate!?

If your people are taught to hate a nation because of the support of foreign occupation, supplying of weapons to kill your children, sancations on innocents while past supporting Dictators and not destroying them when you have a chance to but but make his people suffer, and the constant bombings and oil control, then I would dislike that nation to!


There is a dfference from acting from hate with murder, or doing something positive with it to try to make things better for your people without killing. Also I didnt say I hate the USA, I said If I was taught all those things (Which are all true) then I would dislike that nation too, but the USA have done so much good in this world, but you have to realize it has also done so much evil!

Some people are saying that these middle eastern people have no value of life or are jealous of the USA, they are angry because from what I stated from above and also that USA policies have affected many in negative ways. You cant always say if you did something different then it wouldnt of had happened, but you can try to prevent it again!

The USA needs to change their policies and the Arabs need to look towards Democracy and peace!

Stop the racism, stop the hate!

"Arabs are barbaric

"All muslims are evil"

"Im going Arab hunting!"

"Kick them [Arabs] out of the country! [U.S.A]"

" Innocent or not, we must kill!"

"They [Arabs] didnt care about killing civilians, why should we!? [Americans]"

This is sick! To make it even worse, I hear and see this from teachers, newpapers, on this forum, and from regular, everday people! How much ignorance is in this world!? Muslims are people too, and in 1954 Lolita Lebrón, a Puerto Rican and 3 others shot 4 Congressmen in D.C and that was called a terrorist attack! Does that mean all Puerto Ricans should of been kicked out of the USA!? Does that mean the USA should of bombed Puerto Rico!? Does that mean all Puerto Ricans are terrorists!? NO, NO, AND NO! The actions of a few, the actions of thousands may be different from the actions and views of the rest! We are all human, we are all individuals, we all choose different paths!

Final notes from Patria_y_LaPava!

If you see a Muslim on the street, do not spit at them, curse at them, hit them, throw bombs at their schools, churhes, phone call, e-mail or write them threats of any kind! If you do, and I know about it, I will report you to the F.B.I immediatley! This is no joke, do not let me catch anyone doing or saying this because I will make sure you are arrested and incarserrated!

Be sympathetic to the Arabs in the U.S.A and to some extent, the ones in the Middle East. Not all of them follow this radical act, and some have also lost family or/and friends in the terrorist acts, they dont diserve to be pointed at as if they committed the crime!

I call upon the USA government and the citizens of the United States of America! Please do not retaliate with the direct murder of innocent civilians! Two wrongs does not make a right! Retaliate if you must, but change your policies, and overthrow the Taliban government in Afghanistan, which would be easy when most people dont support them and they mostly are in city headquarters, destroy that!

Do not place sanctions to make the starving population already suffer for something they dont approve of! How could a 70% population which are women support a government that does not allow them to work, wear make-up, school their daughters, force begging on the streets, murder and rape them, and force 4 million of their fellow citizens into refugee camps in Pakistan!? They dont!

Help to establish, with other nations, a democratic and economically stable government in Afghanistan with a kind and mutual, not controling relationship with the world! The USA did it with Japan and Germany![/u]

Set a good example to other Arab nations that the USA are willing to change their attitude towards Muslims! I do not mean for a masked-up pumpet government in Afghanistan that allows to trade and give money mostly to the USA while their people suffer and the USA gains with military bases, money, and their dependency on the USA; I dont want an Asian Puerto Rico!

All this can be helpful for the USA in the long run, because it will show the USA is willing to change its ways, and I am sure the Arabs would follow or do it side by side with the USA and the world! This could create the loss of support for the terrorism against the USA and more econimic and social stability![/i] The policies of the USA government helped cause, to some degree, this tradegy, and even though thing shouldnt of had went done this way and those terrorists and terrorists alone are to blame for these murders, it wouldnt have pushed them so far if things were different in their homelands with the United States! That is a fact, it cant be denied, both the USA and the Islamic nations must work together to try to destroy this breach in their relations, not just the Islamic nations! To retaliate with the death of more innocents will only make things worse and more angry, more hate equals more terrorism and I dont want that.

Is what I proposed likley to happen!? I wouldnt think so, because Iraq was willing to leave Kuwait under a Russian based settlement in 1990 if only the USA recognized the Palestineans as the owners of that Middle Eastern land...the USA declared war on Iraq the next day!

Please, understand what I am saying and follow them and call upon the USA government to do the same. You cant look on one side of things, like many do, look at both sides of the sphere and try to analyze it, because only then you can comment and not look stupid.

BTW, For those who used this tragic, and devistating terrorist incident as political amusment, I hope God will forgive you...
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Old 14th September 2001, 08:59
El_Jibaro El_Jibaro is offline
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Talking Isn't this called SPAMMING Patria...?

[b][i]But INNOCENT Arab-Americans should not pay for what TERRORISTS did, so this particular SPAMMING is alright...
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Old 14th September 2001, 15:35
Patria_y_LaPava Patria_y_LaPava is offline
Join Date: Jun 2001
Posts: 1,278
Talking Re: Isn't this called SPAMMING Patria...?

Originally posted by El_Jibaro
But INNOCENT Arab-Americans should not pay for what TERRORISTS did, so this particular SPAMMING is alright...

I thought this thread should be spread out for those who didnt find Tuesday's tragedy politicaly ammusing...
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Old 26th May 2004, 01:10
CarlitosBrigante CarlitosBrigante is offline
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aren't arab racist also?

Why should we stop to be racist with them while they are racist against our culture and hate our religion. Muslim arab are not even united and are far to love each other. The lebanese pretend to be phenician while the Algerian pretend to be descendant of blonde wysigoth thus not arabic.
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