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My vote for statehood!!!!!!!!!!

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Old 14th January 2005, 17:31
hvalentin5349 hvalentin5349 is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2001
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I have finally made a decision:

When the next plebliscite comes along I am going to vote for statehood!!! Why?

Becasue I know that the only way we can survive is under the generous tutalage of Uncle Sam... Becasue I know that as a people we are just not good enough, not strong enough, not competent enough, not smart enough to have our own country...If we become a Republic that means we will all STARVE!!! I believe that we are a worthless people and that we must bow down to our masters-oops- I mean fellow Americans- and give thanks to God that we dont live in straw huts and eat rats and roaches like thay do in all those other latin american countries. Thats why I want statehood, under no circumstances do I want to be labled as a Puerto Rican-God , no! I'm a Statehooder and I'm 100% American-Ok, so I can barely speak a word of English, but hey, all of my other Statehood friends don't know English. If we become a Republic we will be like Haite...Uncle Sam will take away all of our Burger Kings and all of our food and we will all starve to death!!! Hey thats why I'm a Statehooder...because I see absolutly no distinction ( I mean none whatsoever) between someone from Utuado and a good ol' boy from Montana. I am so ashamed of being a poor Puerto Rican!! Oh, Uncle Sam, please forgive me for being Puerto Rican..I'm so sorry..I am so ashamed!! Plus, If we become a state I will be able to get an even bigger welfare check-opps, I mean federal benefits-and will be able to live the high life of not wanting to work and still being able to eat like a king. God forbide that Uncle Sam should give us the boot and take away my welfare check!!! I love Uncle Sam, he always gives me lots of free money... Uncle Sam came to rescue us!!!!

Welfare now!! oops, I mean Statehood now!!!

[Edited by hvalentin5349 on 15th January 2005 at 23:30]
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Old 14th January 2005, 18:57
Eddier1 Eddier1 is offline
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Uh, huh! now we have a name for El Cuco; it is hvalentin5349. This is a first for the puertorico.com forum. History has been made. And now the unleashed dogs of war have an individual to tear to pieces, irregardless of how he votes.

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Old 14th January 2005, 19:46
Nacionalista Nacionalista is offline
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Good Joke !!!

Please keep it up.

LMAO !!!!
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