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nycangel 2nd September 2005 15:03

NYC Girl New to Community
Hello, I'm from New York City, New York and I'm interested is getting to know people from abroad…if you would like to chat drop me a line. :)

Delgado22 2nd September 2005 15:10

Bienvenidos, nycangel!

Glad to have you here. Enjoy your time here posting... :)

nr22221933 2nd September 2005 22:16

:) Hi Welcome:i Too Was Living In New York City.16 Years Ago.dont Missed It.now I Live In Ohio.love It.how Old Are You? And Again Welcome To Puertorico Com. :)

nycangel 3rd September 2005 17:30

Thanks for the Welcome
Thanks for the welcome I’m sure I will enjoy this community. :)

nr... why did you leave NYC? Are you originally from there? I love the city because of its cultural diversity…no other place that I have been compares to New York City as of yet. I guess you can say everybody has a love for their hometown. :p

Delgado22 3rd September 2005 17:53

Someone from New York who prefers Ohio OVER New York??? :eek: :confused:

I miss New York everyday. I will say that, even though we have a lot of diversity here in North Carolina. It does not compare to New York.

nycangel 3rd September 2005 18:16

Delgado...lol...I know that's right ;)

Delgado22 3rd September 2005 18:32

Angel, in what borough do you reside?

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