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Puerto Ricans Dating Dominicans

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Old 29th April 2003, 05:14
mangofizzle mangofizzle is offline
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I am Puerto Rican, 20 year old senorita, and I have been in a beautiful, committed relationship with a Dominican guy for over two years. I wanted to open up a discussion up regarding this topic, because I know that there are some who disapprove. Also there are others, like me who believe that one should love who they wish. There is no question that many Puerto Ricans and Dominicans have kind of a rivalry- which can be compared to the relationship between two really great sports teams- you know? If there is anyone here who is Puerto Rican, dating a Dominican, or vice versa, or if there is anyone who wants to just share their opinions on this subject- I welcome you to vent here, and share your voice. I send everyone mad love from the bottom of my heart!
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Old 29th April 2003, 12:43
BabyGurl2luv BabyGurl2luv is offline
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It's really good to hear that u doing so great in ur relationship. i hope it stays that way..and i agree with you on the whole concept of puerto ricans not dating dominicans and vise versa..that's just silly..i don't even know why there's still so much animosity bewteen both races.. i'm puerto rican AND dominican and honey it's funny to say that both races are alike in many ways..it's stupid to hear puerto ricans criticize dominicans on the lack of socks they where or how much platanos are consumed just as much as it's equally stupid to hear dominicans criticize how puerto ricans say arros as if it sounds like they're saying ajos (RICE)even though it's funny at times lolz..it still gets tiring, but i'm proud to be both just as much as i'm proud to say that i would go out with n e race..just aslong as that connection, respect, and love is there..and good looking out to you ma for not giving a damn what people think..1
~~one luv~~
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Old 30th April 2003, 00:23
J-Rod J-Rod is offline
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Cool Yo', mangofizzle...

Hi, I'm JRod, I have dated "D'' gurlz and had a great relationship. I also have many great "D" friends, (Being a nuyorican, who don't?), and there's not'n wrong with us. As far as who YOU date, is your biz, no one elses. DO NOT let the ignorance of some get b'tween you and happiness. The main matter here is that if he RESPECTS you and treat you rite, and if you luv 'm and you're kool with that, who cares what anybody thinks. Yo' BE yourself, BE happy, y al que no le guste, que no coma!!! Remember that we only live once, and we must enjoy it to the max, as long as no one is getting hurt...Saludos cordiales...JRod...
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Old 30th April 2003, 03:55
mangofizzle mangofizzle is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2003
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Thanks for your feed back Babygurl and J-rod I agree with your comments- you guys have the right attitude! Just to share a little of MY story with you- well, I am Puerto Rican, I grew up in the south Bronx, and my family always had their Puerto Rican pride. My dad took it to the extreme one day, when he threatened me (he was drunk of course) that if I married a Dominican- he would kill me. Well, I know he did not mean it literally, but by the tone of his voice, I knew that me dating a Dominican would make him pretty angry. This was an absolutely ridiculous remark to me, because I have so many Dominican friends, who I think are wonderful. Well, it was something I always kept in the back of my head. I never discriminated in whom I dated, but it just turned out that I had a series of relationships with non-Dominican men. Anyhow, when I started falling for my the boyfriend who I am with now,I started to feel a little scared of the consequences that would result with my Dad. However, I didn't let that stop me from showing my feeling, and it has been the BEST decision I have ever made. My dad got over his little pride issue quick, when he realized how good my Dominicanito treats me I just hope that others can be inspired by my situation. I send you all mad love.
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Old 25th June 2003, 12:55
ILLPrincessa ILLPrincessa is offline
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Smile Dominican Race

I just came out of a 3 year relationship with a Dominican Man. He has done me wrong and me to him as well. But put that all aside and he was a great person. I think it is not the race that makes the person, it is the person that makes you happy. I feel where you are coming from cause I as well had differecnt comments from my family. But that didn't stop what we had at the moment. I wish you the best with you Dominincan King.
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Old 17th October 2004, 12:10
cubanricanpa cubanricanpa is offline
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me honestly i would not eaver date a dominican girl agian i did befor.but i would f&*k em if i had the chance agian cause they got some good p***y.lol but i would stick with my boriqua's and cubanas. one
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Old 20th October 2004, 13:52
_Rico_ _Rico_ is offline
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I don't see what the big deal is of the two groups dating, we are all the same people imo, and I don't see any problem with it at all. Even though, the only 2 times I have ever been cheated on in a relationship, was with with Dominicanas both times, that still won't stop me from dating them inthe future, and we need to stop with this ignorance.
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