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Old 14th February 2003, 11:35
El_Jibaro El_Jibaro is offline
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Join Date: Sep 1999
Posts: 4,924

Once more the militaristic Nacionalista, and the tender Leticia_G are away, totally neglecting their duties while THUGS, particularly GANG-member THUGS are over-running the Forum.

In the PUERTO RICAN POLITICS sector of the Forum there is a thread on MEXICAN-BLACK Gang turf war in L.A. What is it doing there??????

If I were you guys I would erase it from the Forum and perhaps transfer it to the Mexico-dot-com Forum, or perhaps place it in the OPEN BOARD subforum.

Clearly NO ONE has taken care of the Forum in the last 2 months.
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Old 14th February 2003, 12:18
Leticia_g Leticia_g is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: East meets West
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Leticia_g is on a distinguished road

Thank you for always keeping a watchful eye.

You are right in stating that I haven't done my moderating duties in the past two months. I have thought of resigning because of it but I have been trying to stay on because it does divert my mind. In the past two months I have been busy at home with responsibilities, husband ill, moving and my father in law died, just last week.. Now my step father had a heart attack and was hospitalized today.

I will contact the administration about eliminating the post and consider whether I should continue doing this.

Thanks for the observation.


[Edited by Leticia_g on 14th February 2003 at 19:57]
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Old 15th February 2003, 21:21
Nacionalista Nacionalista is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 1,949

Hey Bonehead, is not your business why that Mexican post is in the Politics forum.

Does the 1st Amendment sound s a bell?

I already resigned; Leticia is almost there.

Until we get cut off, stay off our case.

You canít monopolize the moderators for your own amusement.

The post will stay open; otherwise we violate the USA Constitution, which is the base of the statehood you are looking for.

How is possible you want statehood but donít want to practice the 1st amendment?

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Old 16th February 2003, 14:36
Suki Suki is offline
Super Moderator
Join Date: Aug 2001
Posts: 3,543
Suki is on a distinguished road
Leticia g dont leave opalo blanco please!!

Nacionalista, El Jibaro is a fascist, he is not even the average statehooder he just wants to erase anything for any reason and is basically an overcooked, paranoid version of statehood. Who would relocate all viequenses out of vieques and leave Vieques to the Navy to contaminate it to death, and when they are through with Vieques, they can move to Culebra, then the mainland, and will be jumping for joy when all of Puerto Rico is poisoned and full of cancer as long as he is safe in New Jersey and living whatever hellish existence he lives in. He certainly is not a man who believes in an honest day's work, all he does is waste time. He does not educate the public on engineering projects, analyze anything in depth...he is basically a strange one who combines, lies, slander and outright manipulation as a way of life.

Leticia g I admit I don't know much about administration or patrolling the posts and such. I am not into computers in general. But I WILL LEARN, and will do anything including being a moderator with you Leticia if you will stay. If you can find someone else more qualified than I then do so. But if you want me to help you, I will. Just educate me on the computer stuff cuz I am a book reader and computer stuff is not my favorite thing. I don't care if El Jib becomes a moderator, as long as he does not go eraser happy and be the trigger happy fascist he is. If he does many of all political persuasions will leave this site and the membership will go south like a duck in winter.

Consideralo Leticia if Nacionalista is sick of all this stupidity from these right wing fanatics pestering the administration....and you want to leave too. Then find someone else. I will do it, even though I work full time and unlike el Jib doing working hours I don't patrol the internet. That man lives here 24/7. He needs to go see a New Jersey psychotherapist and his pastor to eradicate his fake Christian values. Because they are FAKE and he is the epitome of insensitivity. IF Leti has a sick husband, tragic death and so on in her family plus moving, I say she has a right to dump the moderator duties. But it would be a shame to lose such a valuable lovely person with decent values, to have them replaced by a power hungry idiotic self hating lambeojo no values living in complete denial and contradiction weirdo like El Jibaro. But even a weirdo like him has the right to free speech, the question is will he allow others the same right. Obviously the administration does not think so or they would not have turned him down over 15 times.

Leticia reconsider, just take all the time in the world you need and come back later on. If you leave Leticia this site is going down in flames. I know it will. Repreive and rest and a looooonnnnnnnnnngggggg vacation is what you need.

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Old 16th February 2003, 18:59
Jacob-Estrada Jacob-Estrada is offline
Registered User
Join Date: Nov 2002
Posts: 478

You aren't even a Jibaro, you act more like a person with bipolar.

You know what you are Jibaro, a serpent. A cold tooth venomous beast that slugs around, a message board who thinks he is heavyweight. The way you post on every thread indicates that you aren't even working.

The bible talks of a lazy man, and when a lazy man doesn't work he doesn't have anything to eat. Mmm let me do my investigation on you, and you will not have a job to much longer.

*goes type on his computer, with all the information of Jibaro..*

Oh and Leticia my love, you should pull out your blue tutu and dance for me..

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Old 16th February 2003, 19:08
Leticia_g Leticia_g is offline
Registered User
Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: East meets West
Posts: 2,250
Leticia_g is on a distinguished road

I do hope you aren't leaving because I am not leaving. I mentioned leaving only because I feel I am not doing my job fully but you know what, why leave when we have people like jibaro hoping for our departure.

I am here and will be here for a while, God willing.

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Old 16th February 2003, 19:56
Leticia_g Leticia_g is offline
Registered User
Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: East meets West
Posts: 2,250
Leticia_g is on a distinguished road

Mi querida hermana,

No te preocupes pues yo no me dejo vencer tan facilmente.

I only said that I would consider it because I thought that maybe the administrators thought I wasn't doing a good job but they told me they really need me and that I am doing a great job.

Between the emails I received and your beautiful note and letter, there is no way I am leaving just because of jibaro.

Yes, I do worry about doing a good job and yes I can use your watchful eyes since I can't get in and read all the post as I used to. Just having an assistant like that helps. That is why all in all, I take jibaro's comments as some help only because I then go into the topic and review it to see if it merts any change.

Mi hermana me tendras aqui por un buen rato si Dios lo permite!

Cuidate bien y le mando besitos para tu familia!

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