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To EVERY Puerto Rican here...

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Old 7th February 2000, 08:15
Aysha Aysha is offline
Join Date: Jan 2000
Posts: 63
ok now that I have your attention...I'm finally going to the island....yipeeeeee! My daughters grandmother is taking us to meet the family...I'm scared sh*t! I dont wanna do anything stupid or like insult someone without knowing it. And I don't wanna get freaked by some manners they may do with my daughter because I'm not familiar with it. Know what I mean? So if anyone can think of anything I should know or do please tell me. We are going to Bayamon (not the city part) on Feb. 12. Any advice at all is welcome. Thanx much!

Kathie & Aysha
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Old 7th February 2000, 09:30
El_Criollo El_Criollo is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 1999
Location: Atlantic City, NJ 08405
Posts: 565
1 - Driving there is hazard. No signals and no courtesy. There is no regard for life too. This has become like this in the last ten years.

2 - Do not flaunt jewels and/or cash.

3 - Guys there are always looking for a One Night Stand, beware. Never be alone by yourself. Wear decent clothing.

4 - Never reject or show disgust at the food people serve you there, they realy get hurt.

5 - If you stay at a house with no A/C don't complain (otherwise you are a Snob).

6 - People of the countryside hate people that speak faul language, so watch your language.

7 - Do not brag about anything, people there hate it.

8 - Assume that there are not going to be any police around ever, so watch out for yourself.

9 - There are almost no poisnous animals around (no snakes, no deadly spiders), only the centipede is dangerous [it is BIG], but it is very rare to see one.

10 - Go to the beaches, the Rainforest, the Arecibo Observatory, enjoy everything while there.

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Old 7th February 2000, 09:44
IDeJesus IDeJesus is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 1999
Posts: 535
To translate El_Criollo's message in a more positive manner, Aysha;

Exercise the same universal pre-cautions that you would exercise in any big, poor, urban setting. If you know how to behave in, say for example, NYC, Lawrence - Massachussets, Jersey City, NJ or Washington, DC; then you will be just fine.

Be yourself, who cares what others think and remember the only hatred one really needs to fear is self-hatred. I read a lot of self-hatred on the boards of this website.
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Old 7th February 2000, 10:51
Aysha Aysha is offline
Join Date: Jan 2000
Posts: 63
thanx! I am from Boston, MA born and raised...thanx for giving me a heads up! Any traditions I should observe or know about? thanx again!
Much Love,
Kathie & Aysha
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Old 7th February 2000, 15:33
JENI JENI is offline
Registered User
Join Date: Sep 1999
Posts: 452
Kathie: It is wonderful that you are finally going to Puerto Rico. You are going to have a wonderful time and take IDeJesus advice. Just be yourself and that will be fine. You are going to love it and the family will love you. Don't worry, they will make you feel at home and you will have plenty to eat.:-) No matter if you are not hungry, you will be fed. HE-He.:-) I think my family does it all the time. Its a loveing thing.

Again, just have fun and you have to go to Ponce and El Yunque. Well, make sure you see lots ok. Have fun.....Jeni
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Old 7th February 2000, 20:43
davidFreedom davidFreedom is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2000
Posts: 83
Hello Aysha, I'm in canada rite now but lived in puerto rico for 6 months ( and returning).
Just look where you are going, most people are always helpful, I never had a problem myself while there. Check out the interior of the island, theres real beauty there. Customs are like everywhere else, common curtousy prevails. I'm sure you'll love it there. Try to speak the language if at all possible, even if you mess up, at least you'll give them a good laugh!
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Old 8th February 2000, 13:25
JorgeSF JorgeSF is offline
Join Date: Jan 2000
Posts: 38
Que rico que vas a Puerto Rico!
I hope you don't come back dissapointed.

So, you are staying in Bayamon? Cool. That's where I grew up. I'm sure it has changed a lot since I left. I mean, back in the 1970's I used to rollerblade, I mean - skate, down "la numero dos" without having to worry about cars. Now, I hear you have to worry even if you are IN a car!

Ok, first thing. Learn how to say "CHICHARRON" and ask for some. Who cares if you don't even like pork. Bayamon es la ciudad del Chicharron, so ask for some and you'll make some friends.
Second, like El Criollo said, don't flaunt jewelry or cash. Things are tough all over - no need to tempt the Devil.
Third, avoid buying souveniers UNLESS you KNOW they are made in PR. The shops in San Juan are NOTORIOUS for selling 'NATIVE' souveniers that say "Made in China" or "Made in Mexico" on the underside. It's best to spend a little bit more and get something from an artesano, or from a local Rum Distillery.

Have fun over there!
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