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Es la masturvacion un pecado?

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Old 16th March 2000, 19:55
Jcofradia Jcofradia is offline
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Teniendo una relacion muy estrecha con mi fe catolica...y habiendo practicado el sacramento de la confecion siempre,me doy cuenta que todos los sacerdotes y la misma gerarquia se contradicen con este asunto moral o necesidad biologica...habiendo nacido en el cristianismo siempre he tenido problemas cuando discuto el tema con jovenes de nuestras comunidades catolicas...que dices tu al respecto y cual deberia ser mi respuesta a estos jovencitos hoy.

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Old 16th March 2000, 22:19
BoricuaServer BoricuaServer is offline
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(I will write in english because I speak it better.)

I do not wish to sound sanctimonious, but I'll give your question a try--as best as I can understand it.

If what you seem to express, as I understand it, is that there is a contradiction as to whether masterbation falls into the moral sphere or if its a biologocal necessity. I would say that, while the ongoing 'production' of seman is a biological function, so is that of eatting. Yet, no one would say, "its alright to eat whatever you want, or whatever makes you feel good." We would not say this simply because some things that make one feel good or that one wants, in fact may be dangerous for the persons well being. No matter how good they may feel about having it. Soemthing as good as ice cream, for instance, can be unhealthy for me if that is all I eat or if I am a diabetic. Now, I realize that no one masterbates all the time. But, my point is that just as we can control what we eat--even when we like it very much, because it is not healthy (as in the case of ice cream,) so too could we control our other natural tendencies. (I remember being told in confession, how nocturnal emissions--wet dreams-- are a natural way of releasing that ongoing biological production of seman.)

If, on the other hand, your confusion comes from what variuos individuals (including priest) say on the subject, (i.e. "its a sin" as oppose to "don't worry.") Than the confusion seems to arise from the way each individuals comes at the issue. As I understand, as a Catholic, it is a sin. Yet, if a doctor is treating an alcoholic, for instance, I'm sure he would not say only that its wrong for him/she to drink and leave at that. As a counselor, I am sure that he would understand that alcoholism is an ongoing illness and that its going to take some time to get the individual to move from his/her present practice of of drinking. Likewise with a priest that is dealing with someone who masterbate regularly. As a counselor, he too would try to move the individual from masterbation to non-masterbation, over a long period of time. That means that, sometimes he has to say, "just forget about it, for now."

Underlying this way or method of treating the act of masterbation, is the accepted notion among most that masterbation is almost always a self-fulfilling act. Psychologically, through such acts the concern of the individual is to fulfill themselves. Again, from the way I understand it, it becomes an immoral act because at such a point the individual is concern solely with themselves, and not with the other or with God's intent and purpose. (Doesn't Catholic teaching say that we need to be concern with others, and to use God's gifts appropriately?)

As to what to tell the younsters? I think what you should tell them is simply try to avoid these acts. If not because they are contrary to God's will, than perhaps because they lead to a way of thinking and acting that, in the long run is contrary to what they would choose. An individual who constantly turns to masterbation as an outlet, fails to learn how to deal with life and its frustrations and failures.

Of course, younsters usually turn to this in a stage of discovery. That is why the suggestion as to what you might say to them: try to avoid it, but should it happen don't give it too much mind. If they think about it they should think in terms of how/when it occurs so that they can avoid it in the future. Discovery or occasional masterbation is understandable, although wrong and sinful before most faiths. The constantly turning to masterbation, especially in older years, may be signs of improper emotional development or lack of healthy relationships with others.

I'm not an expert--I just play one on tv. (LOL) Not really, I just know a little bit.

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Old 17th March 2000, 07:34
Nicoletta Nicoletta is offline
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para mi? no se. my mother and i were talking about this very subject this morning...and she said that it was a sin...but i asked her to show me that in the Bible, i'll let you know what we find.


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Old 17th March 2000, 12:32
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Old 17th March 2000, 14:50
IDeJesus IDeJesus is offline
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Masturbation is not a sin. Fetuses have been observed masturbating in their mother's womb. To masturbate obsessively, and not get anything else done, might be a big waste of time which could lead you to neglect responsibilities. But if handled responsibly like other biological impulses, masturbation is a healthy thing, for men and women, from a physical and psychological perpective. It is a stress relieving exercise, especially for young men who are not involved in serious relationships with women.

It is a bigger sin to lead young men to believe that they should have meaningless sex with women they really don't care about in order to relieve themselves of the desire to ejaculate. masturbation is safe, sexual gratification and a much safer and moral alternative than going to a prostitute.

It is not a sin.
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Old 17th March 2000, 22:21
BoricuaServer BoricuaServer is offline
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El Boricua:

You know, you went off the subject of the posting which is, MASTERBATION, not sex.

Whatever ... let me keep it simple:

1) "People made religion" >>> Wrong.
(Just as people did not MAKE God,
religion--which is belief in God, cannot be made.)

2) "God made us and sex...Sex is beautiful. I don't think its a sin."
>>>>>> Incorrect line of argument.
(God made us and atoms...We blow up millions of people into atomic dust. But that's alright, because we don't think its a sin. >>> Same line of argument.)

3) "You really think celibate priest don't do it."
>>>>>> Irrelevant line of argument.
(Celibacy of priest is not even part of the posted issue. But even if it were, by this line of argument, a person can claim, "Yes it was a vicious, sadistic and horrundous murder, but I only killed her once. Ted Bundy killed over thirty women.")

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Old 17th March 2000, 23:32
BoricuaServer BoricuaServer is offline
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Location: NYC, NY
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If masturbation is the manipulation of the sexual organ >>>> (Note: VERY IMPORTANT POINT COMING UP) >>>> to ACHIEVE orgasm (Webster's Collegiate Dictionary), in what universe do you live where, "Fetuses have been observed masturbating in their mother's womb." Where does this make sense?

You state that, "masturbation is a healthy thing, for men and women ... It is a stress relieving exercise..." Question: What is the difference between stress and frustration? Could you possibly be confusing the two?

A third point you make, "It is a bigger sin to lead young men to believe that they should have meaningless sex with women..." Like wise, it is better for me to steal $100 from you, than for another person to steal $1000 from you becasue I would not be commiting as big a crime ( >>> sin). Right? (Same line of argument.)

You finally state, "masturbation is [a] moral alternative [to] going to a prostitute." I think this here repeats your 'proportional' line of argument, so I'll repeat my point, would I be stealing from you if I ONLY took $100, as compared to another who takes $1000?
Also, you state that "a bigger sin" is going to a prostitute, does that mean that masturbation is a sin--only smaller?

Then you speak of, "moral alternative." Are you sure you mean moral, and not ethical. You see, morality refers to right and wrong behavior(i.e. law), and this 'right and wrong' implies a law giver (i.e. God.) So, morality deals with God, and ethical deals with human social practices. (E.g. I either do not kill because I believe in God--moral law, or because I might get caught--ethical practice. What if I know I won't get caught?) In essense, THERE IS NO SUCH ANIMAL AS "MORAL ALTERNATIVE."

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