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Puerto Rican Descent

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Old 15th September 2000, 14:56
lygia_v lygia_v is offline
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All I want to know is WHAT IS A PUERTO RICAN? I have read the bulletin board and STILL DON'T know what a Puerto Rican really is. I have heard many debates stating that ALL Puerto Ricans have BLACK BLOOD in them, and then, there are people who say that is not true. Why is this so confusing? Everyone has a different answer? I would like to know what a Puerto Rican is and where I can get this answer and from whom?
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Old 18th September 2000, 19:06
mari7 mari7 is offline
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It would be like asking what is an American?
a real "American" is Native just as any other land.
Technically speaking it would be people who's ancestors was of "Puerto Rican" nationality.
we are said to be mixed of 3 races..the white(spain)...the black(Yoruba)..the indio(Taino) but since many here really think they were all killed at the time of Columbus that would makes us simply mulatto people who speak spanish.
have you noticed yet that everyone wants to claim the spanish blood but not the black or indio blood?
I think they don't know or just ashamed.
so they will say no I don't have this or that and just cause one has a spanish name does not mean that spanish blood runs through their veins(even the white skinned ones) and I don't think they get it.
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Old 18th September 2000, 22:12
jsm jsm is offline
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Location: san francisco, ca, usa
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Just make up your own definition.

There are many sources for you to check. Any dictionary, the US census, the requirements for citizenship in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico or your opinionated "prima". Do not be surprised if they all differ. The most relevant one is probably the requirements for Puerto Rican citizenship.

Do all Americans have black ancestry? Of course not. Do all Cubans have black ancestry? Of course not. Do all Panamanians have...and so on and so on. Do all Puerto Ricans have black ancestry? Of course not.

Most probably the more generations your family has lived in PR the more likely you are to have a mixture of black, native American, and/or European ancestry.

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Old 19th September 2000, 01:40
Eddier1 Eddier1 is offline
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The latest I have read is that Puerto Rican geneticists have been testing a representative group of Boricuas for their DNA code.

The Geneticists have discovered that as a statistical coefficient the tested group in P.R. had a 60% ratio of Taino blood in their veins. The DNA proved that to be the case.

So that puts to an end the claim that all the Tainos were killed by the Spaniards and that none of the present day P.R.'s could have an Indian heritage. Scienific tests have proved that they certainly do have Taino blood.

Personally, I know that I have, even before these tests with the tool of DNA, I knew that to be the case, and have always said so when asked this question about what is a Puerto Rican.

But I also hold a theory which is not widely recognized that we Boricuas really constitute a new Post-Columbian race of people. Races too had to have a beginning and I think that a new Post-Columbian race has evolved not only in our Isla-Nacion, but also throughout most of Latin America.

The DNA tests has clinched my theory for me.

EddieR #1

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Old 19th September 2000, 07:02
Lorelei Lorelei is offline
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Hey Eddie, it would be great if you could share with us a reference for your information. From what publication/media source did you get this?
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