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WANTED: The Perfect Puerto Rican Woman For Me!

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Old 18th August 2001, 20:21
borinyc borinyc is offline
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I am looking for "her". The one I dream of. That beautiful Puerto Rican woman who can cook, who is intelligent, who is well educated (and I don't mean neccessarily academically, but in the Puerto Rican sense of the word--well brought up!), and who is my perfect size/fit/type, whatever you want to call it. Give me a Jennifer Lopez with an intellect to match her physical beauty, an opinion to share, her own independant will--yet still know her place in a relationship (sorry ladies, men and women are not equal--sometimes we're better in things and sometimes you're better in things and when you realize that God made us unique to compliment each other's weaknesses and strengths, you'll realize the beauty of a couple coming together and creating a union, a team, a partnership.). I am of the mind that a man's money is the pair's money and that a woman should'nt have to work unless she wants to. But if she does'nt work, she'd better have our home spotless our dinner hot. Or she'd better go to school. You women got it easy today. My mom worked and took great care of us so toil is no excuse for a messy home(oh yeah, did I mention that besides her own job, she ran my father's business dealings?). A Miss Puerto Rico! Someone who is devoutely Catholic and who is a santa by day. But (with a capitol "B"), she has to be that sexual equal to me that can conquer me after hours of lovemaking (Boricuas, you know how we do!). Point blank: The Madonna/Whore complex. A great mother, wife, lover, friend, partner and all of the above. A woman who takes care of herself but who's not self-counscious or insecure. A woman that looks good in a dress or a pair of jeans of with nothing but one of my shirts on when I get home so that I can devour her as a entree'. At about a size 9/10, 5'0"-5'10", 125-150lbs., shaped like a cuatro with traditional Spanish/Taina looks. Between 22-32 years of age, with or without kids(I love children!), bring the luggage with you and I will give you a home, a man who does'nt smoke, drink or do drugs, does'nt club or party, goes to mass 4-5 times a week and can still make love to you like a sinner(sorry, that's my only vice-I love the female body and the Puerto Rican specimen is the absolute best created).

Brains, prudence, fortitude, independance, faith and a body to wrap up the perfect package. That's all I want. And I would'nt ask for it if I could'nt give it in return! Any takers?

As for me? 5'9", 195lbs., black hair, black eyes, a gotee and I have an olive skin tone. My measurements? 48-34-44 (I'm not conceited, I had to know my measurements because I'm in the entertainment business). I'm 32 and in New York.
If your my soulmate, hit me up. I'm waiting.
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Old 18th August 2001, 21:01
Suki Suki is offline
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Talking In Response to Borinyic's Post

Hey Borinyic, you are truly lonely tonight on Friday looking for the perfect girl. I am blissfully married, I have all your requirements except that I am gordita and viejita at 35 (besides married). But let me describe my friend Laura to you. Her only defect is that she lives in Denver, but she flies to New York on business frequently. She has a master's degree in business, she runs her own successful, jewelry business from her own home. She has a beautiful Mexican style home. She does not smoke or drink or do drugs. She speaks Spanish, English, French perfectly, she has made half the furniture in her house. She has a lot of free time. She is 30 years old, never married, no kids, sharp dresser, excellent dancer, well-read, strong personality, super-dooper cook (I have high standards I taught gourmet cooking classes part-time in Denver). And in terms of her figure, she goes to a dance club to dance salsa and in less than one minute fifteen men running after her. She has curly dark hair, tiny waist huge light brown eyes. She wants to get married have kids and raise a family, but the men she meets get intimidated by her. She is courteous but extremely open and honest about her life. She never lies and does not like to be lied to. She finds Puerto Rican men handsome and great dancers. She's Mexican. Super bonita!! World traveler. If she interests you communicate in the board and I will give her your e-mail. Oh her house is spotless, and she gives great massages,too.
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Old 20th August 2001, 16:49
borinyc borinyc is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2001
Posts: 15
Dear Suki,
Thanks for your response. Absolutely--get me the info on your friend. I actually grew up with Mexicans for a couple of years when I lived in the Midwest out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While she's not Puerto Rican, I still want to meet her for what scares and intimidates other men (a woman with ambition and drive) definately attracts me. Hook me up then. Thanks alot and I'll talk to you soon.

E-Mail: mathew1618@yahoo.com
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