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Two concerns ........

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Old 18th September 2001, 17:15
rodrigma rodrigma is offline
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I've been reading some of the threads concerning the tragedy that occured one week ago today. I've read alot of angry notes and very few compassionate words. I have two concerns. The first, we must not generalize all muslims or middle easterners/arabs or whatever the stereotypical word is for the evil that took place in NYC and Washington DC. I have heard that bombs are being found in arab owned stores in PR and have heard of vandalisim of store fronts owned by arabs in NY. If we allow this to perpetuate we are in essence doing what THEY have done to US for so long-stereotying, generalizing, racial profiling!! Islam actually means peace. Osma Bin Laden and his organization of terrorists do not represent peace. Lets not put all muslims under one umbrella. there are nearly 6-7 million muslims living in the US. Are we to believe each and every one is suspect??

My second concern is more of a question. The news has certainly changed focused over the past week. I know that we need to keep informed about the war against terrorism that will undoubtedly take place. However, what of Vieques??
Are PR's now to accept that if the US is to go to war the activity in Vieques is justified?? I know that here in the states the military is stepping up to combat mode, running various emergency drills to prepare for iminent war. I'd like to hear some thoughts on this matter.

Finally, a word of encouragement. " But the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord, He is their strength in the time of trouble. And the Lord shall help them and deliver them; He shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in HIM." Psalm 37: 39-40
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Old 18th September 2001, 17:55
conciencia conciencia is offline
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Red face Viequez is not the issue here


I say not Viequez, but Puerto Rico should stay focused on being a free country,,,period.
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Old 20th September 2001, 00:49
Raulgr Raulgr is offline
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Wink Guilt by association?

If, as the Navy contends, it is true that Puerto Rico is indispensible in the war against terrorism, then Puerto Rico can expect to become a target of world terrorist organizations.
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Old 20th September 2001, 11:52
El_Jibaro El_Jibaro is offline
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Thumbs down Re: Guilt by association?

Originally posted by Raulgr
If, as the Navy contends, it is true that Puerto Rico is indispensible in the war against terrorism, then Puerto Rico can expect to become a target of world terrorist organizations.
[b][i]Dear Raul-führermeister:

In your big pompous brain you may think that Puerto Rico will be a target, but you missed the point that Puerto Rico was ALREADY TARGETED 9 days ago... Yep, more than 840 Puerto Ricans died in the World Trade Center tragedy, many first generation Puerto Rican professionals, and many second-generation Puerto Ricans born and raised in New York City. Perhaps, some of them 3rd generation Puerto Ricans just like you (or were you just a 4rth generation wannabe...?).

So on a PER-CAPITA number alone, WE PUERTO RICANS HAVE BEEN HORRENDOUSLY MURDERED BY THIS HEINOUS ACT. But this is beyond your silly politically inflated understanding.
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