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Old 19th October 2002, 20:37
CarlosDiazDRbaby CarlosDiazDRbaby is offline
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I see alot of Christian and Jewish prechears in here, spearking evil lies about Islam-

Im not gonna mention names cause its not worth mentioning, but many people are going around saying Prohpet Mohammed married a 9 year old girl/

This is a pathetic lie, Prophet Mohameed married Aisha when she was 16, now all the preachers are gonna say oh isnt that too young, but you people forget that Mary was about 13-15 when see married Joesph, and concieved Jesus when she was 14-15, so why dont you people mention that, and Joseph was 36 when he was married to mary.

Then people keep mentioning islam being a religon of terror, and that chritisity is all angelic. Dont fogret Adolf Hilter used christian to commmit his actions, and The Crusades, what about that? Hiroshima and Nagasaki was commited by a Christian Power. Christiaity has killed more innocnet people than Islam.

We cannot deny Prophet Mohammed fought, many times to keep his message alive and to protect his people, do you think if he hadnt found would we still have islam around? We are persecuted all over the world and if we dont fight we will become like the jewish people, almost extinct.

Jesus and Christians has also said that its better for chrisitan women to wear viels, and obviously they dont follow it.

Allah has said the muslims will be persecuted for their faith, just look at the world now, all muslim nations are being persecuted and harrased

Christianity is already corrupted and changed around by man to suite his needs,

And people need to get the idea out of their head that God "allah" is a nice little teddy bear, hes not, hes all powerful and can ask from us anything allah wants, if he told us to fight WHEN WE are being PERSECUTED we must,

Look at Puritan and Quaker Christianity, they didnt tolert other religions, they burned people for cheating cause they said it was a GOOD CHRISTIAN THING TO DO
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