Toa Alta- "La Cuna de los Poetas" or the Birthplace of Poets

The town of Toa Alta was established in the year 1751. It is more commonly known as “La Cuna de los Poetas”, meaning "the Birthplace of Poets". This nickname is derived from the fact that many famous poets, including Abelardo Diaz Alfaro, were born in Toa Alta. It is not only the birthplace of musicians and poets, but the former breathtaking Miss Universe beauty, Dayanara Torres, also originates from this lovely town. Toa Alta is the perfect destination in Puerto Rico when looking for a cultural and historical town to visit, as it is amongst the oldest towns in Puerto Rico.

Toa Alta, as a destination in Puerto Rico, has many attractions to offer visitors and is the ideal location for the whole family. Visitors are recommended to take a look at the Bala de Canon: a legendary tree that is located in the main plaza of Toa Alta. This unique tree became famous for the yellow, red and white shell-shaped flowers that decorate it. It is also known for the fruit it bears since these resemble little canon balls. The musician and composer, Tomas “Masso” Rivera, is remembered with the Masso Rivera Statue that was erected in Toa Alta in his memory.

The Masso Rivera Municipal Theatre hosts a variety of plays and concerts, but also takes the role of an educational center. Town meetings are usually held at the theatre and it is known as the cultural institute of Toa Alta. The family can unwind at the Villa Tropical Recreation Center that has four pools to cool down in, pool tables, a volleyball court and a basketball court. Another relaxing recreational center in Toa Alta is the Lago La Plata Recreation Area. It was established in 2004 and offers families and visitors the facilities to enjoy a quiet picnic or barbeque. Anglers and social fishermen can also throw in a line and try to catch a fish, while the meat is cooking. Toa Alta is also home to one of Puerto Rico’s National Historical Monuments. The Parroquia San Fernando Rey church was constructed in 1752; one year after the town was established.

Toa Alta is festive destination in Puerto Rico. It hosts a variety of local festivals that take place annually, such as the Chopa Marathon. The Chopa Marathon is usually hosted in the month of March and is a fishing competition. Anglers take on the fresh waters at Rio La Plata to catch the biggest Chopa fish they can. The patron saints of the town are honored in the Fiestas del Pueblo festival. This festival features a sea of food stalls, pulsating local music and small contests that all are welcome to take part in. Toa Alta is wonderful town to visit and an amazing destination in Puerto Rico.


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Page 1 of 1 Team - 2010-11-22 07:26:10

im puerto rican and im from toa alta and its wonderful
Hi Wilmarie, Thank you for posting your comment on We appreciate getting feedback from visitors to our site - and would be interested to know what aspects of Toa Alta are special to you. Best wishes --

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wilmarie - 2010-11-20 19:37:21

im puerto rican and im from toa alta and its wonderful

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Art Crabtree - 2010-08-02 22:30:02

I am looking for the court telephone number. Can you get it?

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