Explore the Natural Surroundings of Sabana Grande

The town of Sabana Grande is a naturally beautiful destination in Puerto Rico. It covers an area of approximately 96 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 25 000 residents. Sabana Grande is located near the towns and cities of San German, Lajas, Guanica, Yauco and Guanica. Within the town are seven districts, namely Machuchal, La Torre, Rincon, Susua, Rayo Plata, Tabonuco and Santana, with its downtown area of Sabana Grande Pueblo. This area also serves as the administrative center of the town.

Sabana Grande was founded by Pedro de Acosta in the year 1813. This town is also known as El Pueblo de los Prodigios, which means "Town of Marvels" or "Town of Prodigies". The landscape surrounding the town is green and very fertile and this region receives almost 560 inches of rainfall per year. The Guanajibo River is also a very important source of water for the area. Locals concentrate mostly on agriculture and Sabana Grande is known as a producer of various fruits and sugar cane. There are few residents that own livestock, but it is a very small industry here. The industrial sector of the town manufactures textiles, wood products, chemicals and scientific instruments.

There are a few noteworthy sights and attractions in Sabana Grande that include the Orlando Lopez Recreation Centre, Casa Barco, the Catholic Temple, Casa Castillo (the Art Museum), Hacienda Albino, Susua State Park and El Poreserveszo de la Virgin. The El Pozo de la Virgin, or Sanctuary to the Virgin of Rosario, is a place of pilgrimage for many Puerto Ricans and consists of a large garden, chapel, a small school and many crafted images of the Virgin of Rosario.

But this destination in Puerto Rico is best known for the Maricao Forest Reserve and the Susua Forest. The Maricao Forest Reserve is located just outside the town and is a reserve that is filled with the most spectacular flora in the country, with approximately 585 different species. Susua Forest lies between Sabana Grande and Yauco and is very popular as guests are able to stay here in one of the fifteen camping grounds located in the forest. Other facilities available at the camping grounds include restrooms and showers.

Over and above being famous for its magnificent natural surroundings, Sabana Grande has also been home to a few famous people, including Angel M. Saavedra, Augusto Malaret, Domingo Rosado and Fidel Velez. It is a town that has won the hearts of many visitors because of its friendly and warm locals, breathtaking nature, the preservation of its history and its ability to remain loyal to its culture.


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Jose - 2011-04-21 00:48:05

Acasoo eres el que toco en la rondalla con juan ruiz y bajo con negron?

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Stacey Flores Vega - 2011-04-07 22:42:06

My heart is aching for Sabana Grande right now. Anywhere in PR would be fine with me. I want to see my suegra soooo bad:( And all of my second familia:'( I am so sad pq we have not seen them for a while and I just miss PR and everything about PR!!!!

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Aida - 2011-03-13 14:08:52

Hola Soy de Susúa Baja, vine a este pais in el 1970 extraño mucho a mi barrio . La tienda de Tio Ramon Vega no está donde era antes, pero su presencia se siente en el negocio de Rosita. El parque cambió, pero todavia lo puedo ver de la casa de Moises. Mi Susúa ha cambiado mucho, pero mi amor por ella sigue siendo el mismo. Por eso me he tomado como tarea de visitarlo mas a menudo Vivo con la esperanza de un dia volver para quedarme en Susúa mi barrio.

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