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There are quite a few radio stations operating in Puerto Rico. Most of them are based in San Juan though you may find you are able to tune into a few small local stations at various points on the island. Local radio stations cover a very broad range of music styles and preferences such as rock, Latin and the top 40 or even a mixture of all three. It is possible to tune into them on the Internet should you want to have a quick listen. Generally speaking, the music is quite cheerful and many radio commentators mix both Spanish and English when presenting their shows. Below is a quick summary of the most easily accessible radio stations as well as information regarding their location in Puerto Rico.

San Juan

WRTU – Radio Bilingue – 89.7 FM
WIPR – 91.3 FM
WZNT – 93.7 FM
WPRM – SalSoul – 98.5 FM
WIOA – 99.9 FM
WIAC – Sistema – 102.5 FM
WKAQ – 104.7 FM
WCAD – Alfa Rock – 105.7 FM
WKAQ – 580 AM
WUNO – Noti Uno – 630 AM
WAPA – Cadena WAPA-Radio – 680 AM
WIAC – 740 AM
WKVM – 810 AM
WQBS – 870 AM
WIPR – 940 AM
WOSO – 1030 AM
WQII – 1140 AM
WBMJ – The Rock Radio Network – 1190 AM
WSKN – Radio Isla – 1320 AM
WVOZ – 1520 AM


WZMT – 93.3 FM
WRIO – SalSoul – 101.1 FM
WZAR – 101.9 FM
WIOC – 105.1 FM
WPAB – 550 AM
WPRP – Noti Uno – 910 AM WLEO – 1170 AM
WISO – 1260 AM
WUKQ – 1420 AM
WDEP – 1490 AM


WRUO – 88.3 FM WNOD – 94.1 FM
WIOB – 97.5 FM
WUKQ – 99.1 FM
WAEL – 600 AM
WKJB – 710 AM
WORA – 760 AM
WPRA – 990 AM
WTIL – 1300 AM


WNIK – 106.5 FM
WCMN – Toca de To – 107.3 FM
WMIA – 1070 AM
WNIK – 1230 AM
WCMN – Noti Uno – 1280 AM


Carolina: WIDA – Cadena RadioVida – 90.5 FM
Luquillo: WZOL – Radio Sol – 92.1 FM
Naguabo: WYQE – Yunque 93 – 92.9 FM
Maricao: WAEL – Wael FM 96 – 96.1 FM
Aguadilla: WIVA – SalSoul – 100.3 FM
Bayamon: WXYX – La X – 100.7 FM
Isabela: WKSA – Sistema – 101.5 FM
Lajas: WXLX – La X – 103.7 FM
Patillas: WEXS – X-61 – 610 AM

Local radio is great for getting into the local vibe, for listening out for news reports or for just finding some great background music to compliment your holiday. Don't forget to tune in while relaxing in your hotel or driving to your next destination!


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naomi - 2011-10-03 20:02:32

Me gustaria que los que estamos fuera de la isla se le hiciera mas facil escuchar atraves de la internet radio oro me encantaba escucharlo los domingos.
Estoy en las mismas, ¿encontraste cómo escuchar la emisora por internet?

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Axiom Radio - 2011-01-02 22:11:02

Mas radios de Internet en Puerto Rico Axiom Radio es una emisora de musica Top40 latina de Puerto Rico y la puedes escuchar en

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Israel D Olivieri - 2010-08-10 18:47:18

Tienen algo en contra de Radio ORO?

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