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PuertoRico.com offers many thousands of pages of original content that is readily accessible through the Puerto Rico Search Engine. Our editorial staff has researched, cataloged and indexed invaluable content that is not readily accessible on our navigation but can be found deep within the pages of our site. For the casual researcher, we offer information about Puerto Rico’s rich society and culture. For the traveler, we offer hotel and airline booking platform that will help you find the best travel deals to destinations regions from San Juan to Ponce to Culebra as well as an in depth guide to attractions such as art galleries, museums, beaches and entertainment venues. Our Puerto Rico Business Directory contains many hundreds of local merchants whose web sites can be easily browsed by performing a search based upon location, the name of the store or business or even by the type of business.

Each week we are adding dozens of new pages to our site so we encourage visitors and researchers to send us any comments about the Puerto Rico Search Engine as we are constantly seeking ways of improving our search services as well as the accessibility of our original content, unique directories and social networking features.

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