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  • The Rich Heritage of Ateneo Puertorriqueno

    The Ateneo Puertorriqueno, or Puerto Rican Athenaeum, has been a significant role player in the intellectual and artistic side of Puerto Rico. It has seen many struggles, celebrated triumphs ...

  • Saborea Puerto Rico: A Culinary Extravaganza

    There is no better way to experience the tradition and culture of a country than through its food! Tasting, smelling and exploring new textures and flavors provides a sensory celebration of ...

  • Abbott’s New Biotech Facility in Puerto Rico

    Abbott recently opened a new biologics manufacturing facility in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico with all the state-of-the-art facilities that a project of this undertaking would need. This new ...

  • The Unique Sounds of Puerto Rico’s Cuatro

    When the Spanish colonized the Caribbean islands, they brought along with them a number of musical instruments, most notably the six-string Spanish guitar. The much-loved cuatro, a variation of ...

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What to See

  • Sights

    San Geronimo Fort

    The small but interesting Fortín de San Gerónimo de Boquerón was built in 1609. You will find this relatively small, defensive battery with its four cannons at the Boquerón beach. Governor Don Gabriel de Rojas commissioned the construction of the small Fort as a way of protecting the islet of San Juan from any sea vessels that may try to attack it in any way.

  • Porta del Sol (West)


    If you are making travel arrangements for your trip to Puerto Rico, why not consider making a visit to the municipality of Moca. Named from the Andira Inermis or Moca tree that grows here in abundance, this picturesque part of Puerto Rico is a treat. Moca is situated on the western side of the island and it incorporates as many as ten different wards. The central part of the municipality and ...

  • Reserves

    Guanica Biosphere Reserve and State Forest

    Located on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, within the municipality of Guanica, the Guanica Biosphere Reserve and State Forest (Bosque Estatal de Guánica) is considered to be the best example of subtropical dry forest in the Caribbean. This picturesque and ecologically significant area has been a forest reserve since 1919, with the United Nations declaring it a UNESCO International ...

  • Attractions

    Health Spas

    Vacations are all about adventure, fun and excitement. Although your vacation in Puerto Rico may be filled with activities such as hiking, swimming, touring and so forth, the time will come when you will just want to relax. Indeed many view vacations as a great way to escape the usual bustle of life and to be refreshed. Health spas in Puerto Rico offer the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Reference

    Official Holidays

    Below you will find a list of all official, public and national holidays in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. New Year's Day (Día de Año Nuevo)- 2015-01-01 As is the case in many countries around the world, the first day of the New Year is celebrated with fireworks and other festivities as New Year's Day celebrations take place throughout Puerto Rico. Three Kings Day (Día de Reyes)- ...

  • Sights

    Las Cascadas Theme Park

    There are few people alive today who do not enjoy the thrill and excitement of a good theme park. The rollercoasters and rides make for great entertainment and there is always something for the whole family to enjoy – no matter how young or old you are. When you add a little water to the mixture, you’ll find that things only get more entertaining. The Las Cascadas Aquatic Theme Park in ...

  • Community

    Welcome to the PuertoRico.com Community Forums Page! Want to meet new people? Talk to old friends? Find out more about Puerto Rico from the people that live there?

  • Sights

    Bayamon City Hall

    If you visit Puerto Rico you may well discover for yourself that Bayamón is one of the most progressive cities on the island. One very popular tourist destination in this city is the Bayamón City Hall. The city hall is quite an interesting building as it features a somewhat unique architectural design that has been attempted in only a few places in the world. When the building was initially ...


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