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  • NASA Astronaut Joe Acaba

    When Joe Acaba was selected as a member of the 19th NASA Astronaut Training Group in May 2004, he became the first person of Puerto Rican heritage to earn this opportunity. Upon completion of ...

  • El descubrimiento de la singular ave nacional de Puerto Rico

    Si visita Puerto Rico, quizás, repare en una pequeña ave, que tiene dos líneas blancas que cruzan su rostro y anda por dondequiera. Es la Reina mora (Spindalis portoricensis), el ave nacional ...

  • Jose Juan Barea – Master of the Court

    At first glance, Jose Juan Barea looks like any other twenty-three year old. He enjoys relaxing in front of the television and never misses the opportunity to spend a day at the beach with his ...

  • Remembering the Corsican Influence

    The island of Corsica lies to the south east of France and just west of Italy. The families that stayed on Corsica during the 1700s depended on agriculture as their source of income, but ...

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What to See

  • Beaches


    Crashboat beach is situated nearby the town of Aguadilla and has a fantastic Mediterranean ambiance. Although the beach is not really suitable for swimming, the people of Aguadilla often come here to relax in the sun or unwind in the shade of the many palm trees that line the shore. The beach is surrounded by some beautiful mountains that offer a glorious view of the pristine shoreline and ...

  • Courses

    Fort Buchanan Golf Club

    There is something very enjoyable about testing your golfing skills on a new golf course. Being unfamiliar with the greens provides you with new challenges and hones your skills. Many people enjoy getting in a round or two of golf while on vacation. If you’re travelling to Puerto Rico soon, you’ll find that there a number of superb golf-courses on the island. The Fort Buchanan Golf Club is ...

  • Culture

    Over the course of Puerto Rico's history the country has been strongly influenced by a number of different cultures. The strongest of these were Spanish and Western, but there are also a number of other cultures which have been merged with these to provide a culture which is unique to Puerto Rico. Today you will find that not only do the inhabitants of this island enjoy a wonderfully rich ...

  • Sights

    Parque De Bombas

    Located in Ponce's main square - the Plaza las Delicias - stands a red and black candy striped building. A remarkable structure, this is Ponce's renowned Parque de Bombas, the Old Ponce Fire Station. This unusually painted building has been the subject of many a photograph taken by fascinated visitors to the Puerto Rican city of Ponce. Join us as we find out more about Parque de Bombas de Ponce.

  • La Montaňa (Central)

    Aguas Buenas

    Aguas Buenas is a town in Puerto Rico that is commonly known as "La Ciudad de las Aguas Claras" or "the city of clear (good) waters". This is an apt name for Aguas Buenas, a town known for its fresh water springs, which produce pure, clean water for the local people living here. Fancisco Salas founded Aguas Buenas on May 25, 1838.

  • Sights

    Rafael Hernandez Monument

    If you walk around the central plaza of Aguadilla you will find an interesting statue of a man on top of a circular platform. This is the Rafael Hernandez Monument and it depicts the world-famous composer Rafael Hernandez-Marin. Hernandez was considered to be one of the most important Puerto Rican musicians to emerge in the 20th century. His influence spread across the globe and today his ...

  • Community

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  • Porta Caribe (South)


    If you are planning to spend some time in Puerto Rico but do not enjoy hot or humid weather, you might want to consider spending some time in Adjuntas. Also known as ‘La Suiza de Puerto Rico’ – which means ‘the Switzerland of Puerto Rico' – this little town has gained its reputation because it has much lower average temperatures than most other towns in Puerto Rico. The town is situated in ...


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