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  • Puerto Rico – Mountain-grown Coffee

    Puerto Rico has historically been a center of fine coffee growing, but what is not well known is the high quality and sublime flavor of the beans grown on the island. Long overshadowed by ...

  • Flora of Puerto Rico’s Northeast Ecological Corridor

    Designated as a protected Nature Reserve of Puerto Rico, the Northeast Ecological Corridor (NEC) is a spectacular untamed coastal region between Luquillo and Fajardo. Covering an area of more ...

  • 5th Annual Culebra International Regatta

    There’s no other Regatta quite like the Culebra International Regatta hosted on the offshore island of Culebra near Puerto Rico. The combination of top-notch boat racing and wonderful ...

  • La Guancha Recreational and Cultural Complex

    If you're looking for some entertainment or relaxation in the city of Ponce, be sure to make your way to the La Playa barrio where you will find the La Guancha Recreational and Cultural ...

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What to See

  • Porta del Sol (West)

    San German

    The second oldest city of Puerto Rico, San Germán was officially founded by the Spaniards in 1512. Known for its elegance, San Germán is brimming with wonderfully detailed Spanish architecture. In San Germán the people are proud of their heritage and this is expressed by the immaculate condition of their buildings and the long held local customs still practiced in the city. You too can ...

  • Sights

    Arenas Bridge

    Puerto Rico is a beautiful country with a lot of great things to see and do and you likely already have an idea of what attractions you plan to visit whilst in the country. However, some attractions are somewhat smaller and less interesting and make a better quick stop than the focal point of the entire excursion. Such is the case with the Arenas Bridge which makes for the perfect ...

  • La Montaňa (Central)


    The city of Cayey was founded by Juan Mata Vazquez on 17 August 1773. The Taíno Indians had named the city “Cayey de Muesas”, which means "Place of Waters". Cayey was therefore derived from its original name. Two other locally known names for Cayey are "La Ciudad del Torito", meaning "Town of the Little Bull"; and "La Cuidad le las Brumas", which means "City of the Fog". This spectacular ...

  • Reserves

    Aguirre Forest Reserve

    As you can imagine, Puerto Rico has many beautiful nature reserves and protected areas just waiting to be discovered. The cities in Puerto Rico are largely confined to certain parts of the island and, while there are a number of farms and small farming communities, there is still plenty of land that has been designated as a protected natural environment. As you travel from one part of the ...

  • Beaches

    Isla Verde

    Isla Verde Beach is actually a series of beaches which are grouped together. They stretch for miles and miles in front of posh resorts and luxury high rise residential apartments, guest houses, restaurants, night clubs, private mansions and even border a cemetery.

  • Eastern Region


    Nowhere in Puerto Rico is there a more cultural and traditional destination than Loiza. It is a town that was neglected for many years, but as tourists began to discover the rich heritage and hypnotic atmosphere of Loiza, this destination in Puerto Rico began to enjoy a new lease on life. Although many residents of Loiza live in poverty, their untamed spirit for life and their appreciation ...

  • Health Spas

    Golden Door Spa

    The rejuvenating Golden Door Spa is located at the El Conquistador Resort that is surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and intoxicating ocean views. The El Conquistador Resort and Golden Door Spa combines luxury, relaxation and tranquility with the inspiring natural wonders on which it is situated and is rated as one of Puerto Rico's best Day Spas.

  • Howard Johnson Hotels

    Howard Johnson Inn Downtown Mayaguez

    If you’re looking for accommodation with a bit more rustic charm than the modern, down-town sky scrapers in Ponce and San Juan, the Howard Johnson Inn Downtown Mayaguez might be right up your alley. This beautiful little downtown Inn is located at Calle Mendez Vigo 70 Este. Since it is a converted monastery, it effortlessly combines history with all the modern conveniences you could want for ...


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