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Landing in Cartagena , Colombia [05:09]
Landing at Raphael Nunez International Airport, Cartagena, Colombia on an Avianca Airbus A320 flight from Bogota.


Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico. Why did Mr. Johansen from Norway choose this location to buy a property? [07:35]
Mr. Johansen from Norway explains to us the advantages of the microclimate in the municipality of Mogan, especially in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. He likes to...


Insel Air MD-82 Departure St. Maarten [07:52]
Very dirty window yes. But still published because of the sound. Just LOVE IT!! Airline: Insel Air Aircraft: MD-82 Aircraft Reg.: PJ-MDB Route: SXM-CUR Fligh...


Mi Nueva Casa en Puerto Rico [04:36]
Para mis amigos del exterior, esta es la casa que acabo de comprar, al lado de la playa de Levittown. Aprovechando los bajones de las hipotecas...

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