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More pics fom my Puerto Rico trip - Fiesta Patronal de Barceloneta fireworks [02:12]
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. This was the fireworks on the final night of the fiesta patronal.


Bamboo (video production exercise from Puerto Rico) [02:29]
In the El Yunque Rainforest of Puerto Rico, Glenn Campbell tries to teach you something about bamboo. A video of no great significance intended to hone my ed...


Hawai'i - Dolphin Retreats and Journeys to Inspire [08:23]
26 January - 2 February 'Celebrating the True You!' Singing Your Heart Song Dancing Your Heart's Desire Birthing a New Time! with Alicia Mary Smith & Bob Sim...


Treetop Adventure Center [02:36]
Granlibakken Resort hosts The Treetop Adventure Park. A unique, creative mental and physical challenge that ranges from fun and easy to challenging and exhil...


Puerto de la Cruz ns 1963 [01:43]
Puerto de la Cruz.

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