La Bestia (The Beast), Toro Verde - Orocovis, Puerto Rico

La Bestia (The Beast): At 4745 feet, it is almost a mile long (one of the longest zip lines in the world) and it is really, really high off the ground (853 feet)! This zip line takes about 2 minutes from end to end, and you are going pretty fast during parts of it — with the wind whipping across your face (hang onto your hats and sunglasses). You have time to really enjoy the scenery. It was really fun, and over way too fast — I could have done that again and again. Toro Verde: ToroVerde Nature Adventure Park located in the lush mountains of Orocovis, Puerto Rico provides an ideal setting for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park offers one of the most extensive system of Zip line Tours in Puerto Rico. Thrill seekers can enjoy tours from the 797 feet long "Thunderbird", a medium speed run 213 feet above the ground to the exhilarating "Flight of the Phoenix" that allows you to soar 623 feet above the ground for a distance of 2526 feet. For the more adventurous and physically fit, Toro Verde offers tours which combine zip lines with rappelling and horizontal rock climbing. For those looking to do some mountain biking in Puerto Rico The Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park also features the Marla Streb Singletrack Jungle, a wold-class 8 mile trail develop with the professional mountain bike racer for whom the trail is named.


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