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CrashBoat Beach - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Recorded Oct. 28, 2012 [01:09]
CrashBoat Beach located in Aguadilal, PR Recorded on 10/28/2012 at 9:30AM This is not typical of Crashboat beach, its water is usually crystalline and calm. ...

Surfers Beach Table Top Backdoor Aguadilla Puerto Rico February 13 2013 [00:37]
This video is of Backdoor, which is set between two large sections of rock/reef. It splits Surfers Beach and Table Top from Survivors. This swell was during the Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico held at Jobos in Isabela. We got down there late and that's why we don't have much footage. We had been watching for about an hour prior to setting up video and about the time the video gear came out the surfers came in. This should at least give you an idea of what it was like on this swell.

US Coast Guard Puerto Rico Rescue - Aguadilla [02:28]
The US Coast Guard Helicopter rescuing a person that got stranded on the rocks just below the golf course in Aguadilla Puerto Rico.

Takeoff & Landings Aguadilla PR [14:15]
Second part of the Flight Review includes T&G and a final full stop landing at Rafael Hernandez Airport located in Aguadilla Puerto Rico, Ramey AFB.The Aircraft is a Cessna 152 and it was recorded with a GoPro Hero2 camera.Music by Cultura Profetica.

Abandoned in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico [05:38]
While visiting family in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, I went to go see the lighthouse ruins by myself. Everyone told me to stay away from there because it's dangerous, women have been assaulted, etc. Nearby, there are some abandoned buildings. I explored the largest of these and there was a man in a red shirt who was in there. It seemed like he saw me enter the building and followed me in. I was filming video on my camera because I it felt like a fun horror movie thing, and I LOVE horror movies. So this might have been a dangerous situation, but I never felt afraid. You can see the man walking by clearly at 0:30 and you can see his shadow at 1:37. Hope viewers will find it creepy. I am also talking on the video, but I'm not sure how much you can hear. Enjoy!

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