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JetBlue arrival at Luis Munoz Marin Intl Airport Puerto Rico August 2012 [05:35]
jetblue arrival at Luis Munoz Marin Intl Airport Puerto Rico August 2012. bboneworld4u6 videos. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 0. 492 views. Like 7 Dislike 0. Like .... Welcome to Puerto RicoSJU Luis Muñoz Marin International Airportby petunia4ever 1177 views · 1323. Watch Later Puerto Rico Trip 2012by Victor De Leon 1560 views · 750. Watch Later LANDING IN SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO 2012by manzanaresantonio 337 views · 2251. Watch Later Amazing Puerto Rico MD80 Cockpit Video ...

Landing Atlanta, Crazy Airport [09:26]
Landing Atlanta Crazy Airport. You will see Atlanta Downtown first, camera gets out of focus, the plane was moving, later on, a second plane appears, landing...

Mexico's leading airports will operate in Puerto Rico [01:08]
By leasing territory in Puerto Rico, one of Mexico's leading airports will physically have presence in Latin American markets.

Ocean Front Apartment Sale Marbella Del Caribe Puerto Rico Isla Verde [01:19]
Sale $350000 OBO sarmiento realty 7875984024 Our last few hours in Puerto Rico had arrived. We left Dorado and took coastal Highway 165 again for a pleasant stress-free drive into San Juan. We had just about two hours before we had to return our vehicle at the airport and decided to visit another couple of areas in San Juan that we had not seen before. We drove through an area called "El Condado" which is a busy ocean-front community with many high-rise hotels, somewhat reminiscent of Fort Lauderdale or Miami Beach. We then drove further east to another San Juan district called "Isla Verde", a beachfront suburb that also features many condominiums and some highrise hotels. After returning our rental car we were ready to check in our luggage when the US Airways representative informed us that our flight to Philadelphia was cancelled due to the winter storm that had been blanketing the northeastern US and Canada. Fortunately he found a flight to Charlotte, NC, that would connect us with our destination of Buffalo after all. We had to race to the plane as everybody was already boarding. We finally arrived at about 10:30 pm in Buffalo, and not surprisingly were greeted by a continuing snowfall. Our car was buried under several inches of snow and after finally finding a gas station in Buffalo we crossed the border into Ontario at midnight. Having arrived at 2 am in our driveway in Toronto, we couldn't even get our vehicle into our driveway because the snow was so deep. So we ...

Piñones Beach, Puerto Rico [01:02]
Another one of my favorite get away places in Puerto Rico. This is in Piñones, Carolina, right next to the San Juan airport. You can hear the planes overhead. Very nice and peaceful. The coral reef in the back forms a natural barrier against strong waves and the water level never goes above your waist. It's like your own private, natural, sea water pond.

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