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Take off from Miami Airport [03:00]
Take off from Miami international Airport headed for San Juan, Puerto Rico. American Airlines Boeing 757.

Rincon Puerto Rico Beach (1080p hd) [01:11]
la Playa Puerto Rico Beach en in Rincon. Beautiful spot without the hotels on the west side of Puerto Rico. Its only about a 30min drive from Aguadilla airport.(BQN) Rincon is the surf side of the island. In the little town of Rincon surfers and Americans overtake this town. You can rent a 2 br condo from between 350 to 1300 for the month.

Our Beautiful World: The Island Of Gran Canaria And The City Of Las Palmas [06:08]
This is a video project that I've made on my trip to Gran Canaria, Spain. After the landing at Gran Canaria Airport ( Ryanair Boeing 737-800 ) in the evening, we move towards the south, and the first place is maybe the most famouse of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas / Playa De Ingles. After a short visit at the Dunes, we continue towards Puerto Rico and Playa Amadores. In the evening dinner in the nice village of Arguineguin. Our second part of our journey is in Tejeda and the Parador Nacional situated in the heart of the island. Tejeda is a nice town with friendly people, nature and fresh air with a gorgeous mountain view. In the next days we had chance to visit the north of the Island, Towns like Arucas and its mountain, in spanish, montana de Arucas, with a nice view on the city of Las Palmas. The rest of our stay is dedicated to the city of Las Palmas, we visit the center city and Puerto De La Luz zone, incuding it's famouse beach, Playa De Las Canteras. From Playa Canteras in the evening we saw a breath taking sunset, and then enjoyed the night around the playa. Two weeks passed so quikly, so it was time to go back to the airport and take our plane back home. I hope you enjoyed this video ! Bye, Gluca90 * Last immage of the video is a Take-off of a Vueling Airlines airbus a320 to Sevilla, filmed at Gran Canaria International Airport ( Las Palmas )

How to get to Casa Bonita [02:34]
Bumpy little time lapse from flight to arrival at Casa Bonita. The trip from the Aguadilla (BQN) airport normally takes 8 minutes. From plane to casa, this video takes 2 and a half. Casa Bonita is located on Shacks Beach in Isabela, Puerto Rico.

caribe hilton in san juan, puerto rico [04:53]
in the video i accidently said the hotel isn't far from the hotel. i actually meant to say it isn't far from the airport. it's a great hotel i will go again

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