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Three days' break in Puerto Rico [04:21]
Great Summer break in Puerto Rico. Honestly without any knowledge about there we packed three days trip with a lot of staff. Missed early Ferry to Culebra but end up with a great time in the seven seas beach and the Bioluminescent Bay area. The EI Yunque would be a great place for family with kids. All great evening times in the Caribe Hilton with drinks, swimming and sea waves. The tour inold San Juan includes both on land visit to the historical sites and diving into the water by taking the jet ski into the Atlantic ocean. We tried a bit further into the bermuda area with 4 feet of waves with so such fun and a little feel of scare! Also some good time on the ocean park beach! Next trip definitely we would take early flight to cluebra to enjoy more beach hours!
Tags: Three, days', break, Puerto, Rico, June, San, Juan

Pop Art Hotel in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico [01:28]
The Pop Art Hotel is located in the heart of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Nestled on a quiet side street of the exciting urban lifestyle of Old San Juan, the Pop Art Hotel is within a short walk to Historic sights, plentiful dining choices, and a bounty of specialty shops and galleries. Once a well known tourist and travel hostel, the Pop Art has been redesigned and now accommodates families, groups, and world travelers alike with comfortable surroundings and reasonable prices. Check us out on the web at
Tags: Pop Art Hotel, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, bed and breakfast, inn

The sea, loiza Puerto Rico [04:10]
Very relaxing spot in loiza puerto rico, you can feel the mist when the waves break in to the rocks. Very cool.
Tags: Loiza, Puerto, Rico, Waves, Sea, Piñones, Rocks, Valley, United, States, America, Jangueo, Justas

Puerto Rico: Old San Juan and Going Home [07:33]
Thanks for being a part of my vacation and i hope you enjoyed my video clips from Puerto Rico! thanks for watching and have a great day :D
Tags: Puerto, Rico, old, san, juan, town, city, fort, spanish, american, war, oldest, part, Puerto Rico (Country), palm, tree, lawn, entrance, Caribbean, sea, cupcakes, airplane, flight, home, newark, shop, airport, fun, spring, break, vacation, littleseal17, B

Spring Break Cruise 2012 [03:46]
carnival cruise for spring break. snorkeling, zip-lining, and more.
Tags: 1080p, Carnival, cruise, victory, snorkel, zip-line, mokeys, st, thomas, maarten, lucia, BARBADOS, Spring, Ocean, Islands, USVI, puerto, rico, Keegan, Burckhard, (Country), Boat, Sailing, Break

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