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Gran Canaria - Amadores [08:04]
Playa de Amadores er en af Gran Canarias nyeste og hurtigst voksende feriebyer. Den ligger i nabobugten til den langt større ferieby Puerto Rico. Afstanden imellem de to feriebyer er 5-10 minutter i taxa eller 20-25 minutter til fods langs den flot anlagte promenade, der løber langs kysten.

Inagua, Puerto Rico, Mogan, Gran Canaria - Apartments for sale - Leiligheter til salgs [03:03]
Gran Canaria, Mogan, Puerto Rico, Inagua Apartments zu verkaufen - Apartamentos en venta - Apartments for sale - Leiligheter til salgs A market success! Dreamlike views, large terrace, quiet surroundings. Markedet suksess. Fantastisk flott utsikt, stor terrasse og rolige omgivelser. Ein Markterfolg! Traumhafte Aussichten, gross Terrasse, ruhige Umgebung. ¡Un éxito de ventas! Vistas de ensueño, terraza amplia, un entorno tranquilo.

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria 2012 [07:02]
Film som visar omgivningen kring Hotel Porto Alegre och Puerto Ricos båda badstränder

Gran Canaria droga gc 500 [10:50]
Z Puerto de Morgan do Puerto Rico

Tuna fishing on Cavalier, Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria, 22 Dec 2012 [06:41]
A small clip showing some of the fishing done in December from Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria on one of the charterboats called Cavalier. I booked one spot on the boat amongst some other tourists i didn't know and the plan was to do some trolling for Wahoo,species of tuna and other stuff while sailing to the reef, where we would fish on 120 meters of water for various species. On the way out there were caught 3 skip jack tuna on some gear that could reel in Marlins so the fight was over pretty quick. Would have been nice to catch those skip jacks on some lighter gear. Some nice Skip Jacks but i realize it looks rather grim, they way the fish are beeing handled. After a while with trolling, we arrived at the reef and started fishing on 120 meters water and we caught some smaller but colourfull species of reef fish. Fishing on deeper waters is pretty tough for your arms and wrist and after a few hours you could feel it, but i had a great time in the sun on open waters :) Personally i only caught some of the smaller reef fish, but it was a nice trip and if i go to Gran Canaria again i sure will try another trip on a fishing charter boat. Music between intro title and videos, it's the beginning from Rammsteins Rammlied. Tight lines :)

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